Total Care Plus

Hearing Care Beyond Compare: Our Service Committment to you!

At HearUSA, you receive more than just hearing aids – you receive a lifetime of better hearing. Here is what you can expect from our TotalCare Plus program, designed to provide you with the best in hearing quality, service and value.

  • A hearing assessment that includes a detailed case history, evaluation of your listening needs and inspection of your ear canals
  • A clear explanation of your test results, treatment options and professional recommendations
  • Assistance in selecting hearing products and technologies that are right for you
  • Hearing aid fitting and adjustments customized to your individual hearing loss and listening requirements
  • Measureable outcomes to demonstrate pre- and post-hearing aid improvements
  • Ongoing support to ensure your continued success and optimal hearing group classes, private follow-up sessions and hearing education and listening program

Our Total Care

A range of hearing aid styles and technologies to meet your hearing needs, budget and preferences

Clean, modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment

Ongoing service and in-house repairs at no charge – to keep you connected to your world!

Knowledgeable, friendly staff who are responsive to your needs

And Much More!

Regardless of the degree of your hearing loss, we can help find the best solution for you – guaranteed. This is our Hearing Care Beyond Compare Promise. Experience the HearUSA Gold Standard!

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