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Frequently asked questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. Explore some of the most common questions surrounding hearing and how we can help you improve your hearing health.
Hearing FAQ

All the answers, all in one place

Understanding hearing loss and stepping into the world of hearing aids and hearing technology can seem overwhelming at first. That's why we've put together the answers to the most common questions we get, all in one place. Still haven't found the answers you're looking for? Click on the button below or visit your local hearing center. Our network of experts is here to help.
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More on hearing aids

Do I need hearing aids?

If you notice you're having trouble hearing, speak to a Hearing Care Professional to evaluate whether hearing aids may be helpful.
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What are the different types of hearing aids?

There are hearing aid models that are suitable for all levels of hearing loss and any type of lifestyle. Types of hearing aids include behind the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal, in the ear, receiver in the canal and receiver in the ear.
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What brands of hearing aids does HearUSA have?

HearUSA has the largest selection of hearing aid technology, including models from Signia, Widex and Rexton.
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What is the latest hearing aid technology on the market?

Great strides have been taken when it comes to hearing aid technology. Hearing aid users can now benefit from additional features, such as better sound processing, bluetooth capabilities, and even the use of artificial intelligence. Find out more about hearing aid technology here:
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What are hearing aid accessories?

Hearing aid accessories can help take a user’s hearing aid experience to the next level. Accessories, such as rechargeable batteries and chargers, remote controls, apps and audio streaming, can make life more convenient and comfortable. Read more here:
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Buying the hearing aids

Buying hearing aids

Where can I buy hearing aids?

You can buy hearing aids at your nearest HearUSA hearing center, with the help of a Hearing Care Professional.

How do I buy hearing aids?

If your hearing care professional recommends hearing aids, HearUSA offers the largest selection of options for you to choose from. Visit your local HearUSA store to learn more about what options are best for your hearing needs.
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Can I try on hearing aids before buying?

Most hearing aids, including at HearUSA, can be tested out and fitted to your ears in the same visit

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids varies greatly depending on the types of hearing aids, features and severity of hearing loss. It's important to remember hearing aids should be worn as a pair. They can range from $300 to $5000 in total.
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Can I finance my hearing aids?

Head to our Financing page to learn more about your options and how we can best support you on your hearing health journey.
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Do you accept my insurance?

HearUSA has more benefit plans than any other hearing health provider. Check to see if your organization has partnered with HearUSA as well.
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Hearing loss

What are the different types of hearing loss?

The different types of hearing loss include sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss.
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At what age does hearing loss begin to take place?

It can be as early as 35-45, especially if you work in a noisy environment. Take heart: this means you’re a hard rocker. Learn more about age-related hearing loss here:
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Can tinnitus be the first symptom of hearing loss?

Yes. That ringing in your ears is a signal to get your annual ear check up. Tinnitus can also be caused by a simple lack in your diet, so don’t waste time wondering and go see your doctor.

Can hearing loss be cured?

Most cases of hearing loss are permanent. If you’re experiencing conductive hearing loss, usually caused by issues to the outer or middle ear blocking sound, your hearing can generally be restored with the proper treatment. Sensorineural hearing loss results from damage to parts of the inner ear, often from loud noise exposure or aging, and is generally permanent. While this type of hearing loss cannot be cured, a hearing care professional can help you find the right hearing aids to address your specific needs and help restore some of your hearing.

Getting help

Why get help?

Your hearing is an essential part of your overall health. If you've noticed signs of hearing loss, think your hearing may be affecting your everyday life or have a loved one who is struggling with their hearing health, HearUSA can help. Reach out today and let us help you take back your hearing health and start living life to the fullest.
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I am a veteran with hearing loss and/or tinnitus. How can I get help?

If you're a veteran who wishes to get your hearing tested, register via the health administration/enrollment section of the VA medical center of your choice. This can be done in person, or online by filling out Form 10-10EZ, or by mailing a completed Form 10-10EZ to your chosen VA medical center. For details on the eligibility of enrolled veterans for hearing service coverage, visit the website on medical benefits. After registering, request a referral to an Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic from your VA primary care provider. If an audiological evaluation reveals you require hearing aids or other assistive devices, they will be provided at no charge. Your audiologist will explain how to order batteries, wax guards, and other hearing aid accessories during your consultation, as these and future repairs will also be covered by your VA benefits.
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How do I make an appointment?

Contact your local HearUSA store or fill out the form on our website to book an appointment at your nearest HearUSA hearing care center.
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How do I prepare for my appointment?

Write down a list of questions you may have as well as a description of your everyday lifestyle to help your Hearing Care Professional better understand your needs. Come prepared with any related documents, initial hearing test results you may already have and information on your insurance coverage.
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Do I need to bring HAE results?

If you have recently had a hearing test with us, we have saved your results in our system. If you have a recent hearing test from another hearing center it would be great if you bring that with you. If you haven't done a test before you can book a hearing test with one of our hearing centers.
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How do I contact customer service?

Head to our About Us page for more information on how to get in touch with our customer representatives.
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About HearUSA

Who owns HearUSA?

Hear USA is owned by WS Audiology.

Where is HearUSA's corporate office?

Click the link to find more information on contacting HearUSA.
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Where are our hearing centers located?

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