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Dealing with the effects of hearing loss in everyday life isn’t easy. In fact, it can be pretty dang hard sometimes. But for more than 80% of people living with hearing loss, these challenges don’t have to be permanent.

Hearing Is The Key To Social Life

One of the biggest challenges of living with hearing loss is coping with social settings and situations. Many times, trying to hear clearly is tough enough without adding in background noise, music or crowded spaces full of conversations. Unfortunately, this is a primary reason why social isolation is
common among people with hearing loss. Going out and about can feel like more of a burden compared to the more appealing alternative of staying home.

How Hearing Health Affects Relationships

It may be a bit of a cliché, but in every relationship – communication is key. Living with unchecked hearing loss can put strain on most relationships. It’s important to know the ways hearing loss can affect relationships and how to approach the topic with your partner, family and friends.

Tips for Better Hearing in Social Settings

Parties and other social settings can be extra tough for people with hearing loss. Group conversations can make it difficult to hear clearly, even when talking to someone right in front of you. If you live with hearing loss, here a few tips to give your ears their best shot at hearing in a public space:

. Choose quieter, more intimate locations for dates and try to avoid clubs or crowded bars
. If appropriate, ask if the background music volume can be lowered At restaurants, call ahead and ask to be seated in quieter area Bring and wear both of your hearing aids

Finding the Best Hearing Devices for Staying Social

Choosing the right pair of hearing aids is an important step to hearing better in public spaces. Modern, digital hearing aids come with a variety of smart and helpful features, including:

. Speech enhancement technology
. Background noise cancellation
. Directional microphones

Don’t Wait to Start Hearing Better

If you have trouble hearing, now is the time to improve your hearing health. HearUSA has a team of hearing care professionals ready to support you at every step and help you find the best hearing aids for an active lifestyle.

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