If you have trouble hearing at work, you’re not alone. Welcome to the club. Hearing loss in the workplace is common and, more importantly, it’s OK to need help. On this page you’ll find information about how to cope with hearing loss at work and steps you can take to improve your hearing.

Overcoming Hearing Loss at Work

It probably doesn’t come as much surprise that hearing loss in the workplace can be a challenge.
Depending on the type of job, having trouble hearing can be as simple a mix-up in conversation. Or, for someone working in construction, it can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

Each year, more and more people in the workforce report signs of hearing loss. The good news? It’s never too late to make positive changes for your hearing health.

Hearing Health and Work Performance

The effects of hearing loss in the workplace aren’t always noticeable at first. Many people live and work with a hearing impairment for years before realizing it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t having an effect. It’s important to know the risks of hearing loss at work to find ways to overcome them.

When left unchecked, hearing loss has the potential to impact work performance, income and overall quality of life. Results from a Better Hearing Institute study show that employees working with a hearing impairment make roughly 25% less income on average.

Facts About Hearing Health at Work

Hearing loss statistics show that it is affecting more people at younger ages than ever before. When we know the facts about hearing loss, we can take steps for better hearing health and prevention.

. Approximately 20% of Americans live with hearing loss
. Hearing loss is the 3rd most common condition in adults
.1 in 3 adults over 65 live with hearing loss

There are many jobs that expose workers to dangerous levels of sound. Continued exposure to sound above 85dB (decibels) can damage hearing. From military members and police officers to construction workers and rock n’ rollers – the risks of work-related hearing loss are higher.

Wearing Hearing Aids at Work

While hearing loss in the workplace is common, wearing hearing aids at work is not. As a society, we’re overdue for a change in that department. Hearing aids are able to improve more than 80% of all hearing loss cases, but only a small number decide to wear them.

Communication Is Key

Modern, digital hearing aids are designed for modern-day work needs. With helpful features and filters to choose from, your hearing aids are in sync with you.

In the Office: Working in an office, especially group meetings is easier to manage with hearing aids focused on speech and clear communication.

Video Calls: Whether you work remotely or not, video calls are here to stay. Many digital hearing aids can pair with your personal devices to improve sound quality and send it straight it to your ears.

Don’t Wait to Start Hearing Better

If you have trouble hearing, now is the time to improve your hearing health. HearUSA has a team of hearing care professionals ready to support you at every step and help you find the best hearing aids for an active lifestyle.

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