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Ashley Pearce, Hearing Instrument Specialist at HearUSA

The HCP Hearing Advisory Board Plays a Major Role in Making Simply Excellent Hearing Care a Reality that Benefits All

People in any organization in any industry are often right to ask if it’s worth committing the time, energy, and resources to try to improve the products, processes, and programs their company offers. I can’t speak for everyone in every industry, but I am proud to say that the HearUSA HCP Hearing Advisory Board plays a major and growing role in improving every part of the HearUSA business. 
I decided to submit my application to serve on the board because I love our company and I wanted to make a difference by improving the areas that in my opinion needed fine-tuning. I also wanted to shape the programs and policies that would help my patients and my colleagues. As a Team Lead, I have trained many people, putting me in a position to understand what works and what doesn’t work or could be improved upon. I wanted to help develop a more structured environment for training and, together with my fellow board members, we were able to do just that and more. 
You see, the important thing to understand is that HearUSA genuinely values and in fact celebrates the role the Hearing Advisory Board plays. They understand that we are at the front line of the real-world working environment and that the ideas we develop and recommend can improve the business overall. Time and time again we have seen our ideas be transformed into practical policies and programs that make the business better and more successful for everyone involved.  
The goal that drives everything we do is to make Simply Excellent Hearing Care a reality everywhere, every day. Every idea is considered in the context of this goal. Will it make hearing care better, for more people, more efficiently, with better patient outcomes? If the answer is ‘yes,’ we zero in on the details to transform the idea into an actionable item that the company supports.  
The success of the board is a team success that comes from the individual efforts of every board member: Dan Troast, AuD FL — East District Winter Garden, FL; Jaime Faucher, HAS Northwest District Mill Creek, WA; Natalie Calderon, AuD North SoCal District Claremont, CA; Babette Grossman, HAS Mountain District Lakewood South, CO; and Sabrina Lee, AuD Northeast District Levittown, NY. We provide feedback and professional practice expertise to the Management Executive Committee (MEC) on matters related to client care and the overall success of our business. 
One of our primary responsibilities is to regularly meet with the HearUSA Sr. Director of Professional Development and Retail Expansion, who will share with us information on future key initiatives that we in turn will provide feedback on to help make these new initiatives better before they are ever introduced. Such initiatives include but are not limited to those that impact client care; practice standards; new product feedback; and the testing of new products, processes, and equipment. 
The work that we do as board members has a direct impact on patient care, client practices, and practice standards. 
In fact, other than the joy that comes from working with fellow board members who share the same goals and objectives, my greatest satisfaction comes when we make a change in training or develop a new way to help HCPs/patients and present it to the entire company — and everyone loves the change and says, “Thank you, finally!”  Those are the moments we live for because it is in those moments that we know the company is moving forward in a new direction that will make the company better. 
As I look back on my time on the board, I can think of several things I am most proud of, beginning with how we train hearing care professionals.  It’s a much more structured and comprehensive program because of the suggestions that I made with the input of many people.  
Another area of improvement that I am proud of is the amount of one-on-one time we now spend with new HCPs. As a Team Lead, I spend a lot of time training new hires in my area, and I thought we needed to devote more structured time to the training process.  So, I suggested we develop a “checklist” to use every day to help new HCPs feel comfortable about their journey. The list provides simple step-by-step instructions on how to use TCM or how to use a TTP portal for insurance, among a host of other tasks. 
Again, our success is a collective success as a board.  Together, we brainstorm when a fellow board member brings a topic to discuss.  We give every idea careful consideration, and we give feedback to make each idea better.  Everything we do, we do as a team. Together, we are making Simply Excellent Hearing Care a reality that benefits everyone we serve. 
Get help from our HearUSA Support Center with your questions about hearing aids and hearing loss
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