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online hearing test

Taking an essential step to protect your hearing health without even leaving the comfort of your living room sofa?  With our free online hearing test, that’s exactly what you can do. It takes just 5 minutes of your time but will make a world of difference.
If you’ve been putting off checking your hearing or feel like your hearing isn’t what it used to be, now is the time to take action. With our free online hearing test, you can take the first step in addressing your hearing issues and protecting your hearing health for years to come. Click above to get started.

Online hearing test: FAQ

Can I test my hearing at home?

No need to leave the sofa: you can take a quick 5-minute online hearing test to initially determine the status quo of your hearing.

Can I do a hearing test online?

As long as the electricity is working, online hearing tests are free and easy to do, yes.

How accurate are online hearing tests?

Online hearing tests are a good start. Of course, a face-to-face test with a hearing care professional will always give you a more detailed and accurate picture.

What is the best online hearing test?

When it comes to online hearing tests, you will generally find tests that quiz you and ask questions about your hearing experiences and family history, and others that will use various tones and audio clips to test your hearing under specific circumstances, such as Widex’s free online hearing test. Tests using audio will provide you with more accurate results than a simple questionnaire. Keep in mind, however, that while online tests can be a great first step, in-person testing is the best choice for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Is there a hearing test for seniors?

Both online hearing tests and in-person hearing tests are free at all of our HearUSA hearing centers, regardless of age.

Why should I test my hearing online?

Online tests can help put your mind at ease. Once you know that there is some level of hearing loss, you can take steps to prevent the collateral brain fog that comes with it.

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test will establish your range of hearing, from the highest tones to the lowest. It’s the first step in knowing that there is an elephant in the room (hearing loss) and that elephant is more easily removed than you think!

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