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We've been making tailor-made hearing devices that meet your every need for over 35 years. When it comes to your needs, we’re all ears. Take your first step on your journey to better hearing and we’ll be sure to guide you along the way.

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Top six reasons to work with us to improve your hearing health

  • We’re all ears to your needs

    Your individual hearing challenges are all we need to know to kickstart finding the right hearing device for you. Our experienced Hearing Care Professionals are known for listening well.

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  • Options galore

    Hearing aids are as unique as you are. We offer the largest range of the highest-rated hearing aid brands in the country - with more than 250 models.

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  • Complimentary online hearing screening and consultation

    Everyone should have easy access to expert help when it comes to their hearing health. Better hearing begins with your online hearing screening and expert consultation. It’s all on us.

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  • We have a hearing center near you

    It’s no secret that the needs of your hearing health will be better met when up close and personal. That’s why we make it easy for you to get help in person at more than 350+ HearUSA centers with over 4,000 independent Hearing Care Professional across the country.

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  • Smart financing options

    How much is your hearing health worth? We say it's invaluable! What if we told you that you could enjoy better hearing for less per day than you pay for your car insurance or cell phone plan? With the right financing options, you can stop worrying about the price tag and start enjoying the world of sound. Anyone who can benefit from hearing aids should have a way to get them without having to wait and save up while their hearing gets worse. With the right plan, hearing aids can be affordable for you.

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  • Insurance benefits

    We contract with a variety of third-party insurance companies, benefit sponsors, employer groups, managed care programs, health plans and unions to provide hearing care assistance to members and/or employees.

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Better hearing starts today

Your grandson giggling, your favorite song on the radio, a friendly, familiar voice - taking positive steps for your hearing health means embracing the sounds that shape your world. With an experienced team of experts on your side and the largest selection of hearing aids to choose from, HearUSA will help you find a hearing solution tailor-made to your needs. Just think of us as your partners in better hearing.

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HearUSA Ranked #1 U.S. Hearing Care Retailer 

We are honored to top the hearing care category in Newsweek’s survey1. Our expert hearing care professionals are committed to providing simply excellent hearing care as a trusted partner in your hearing journey.
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Newsweek’s America's Best Retailers 2023 rankings were identified from the results of an independent survey of more than 9,000 U.S. customers who have shopped at the retailers in-person in the past three years. In total, over 140,000 evaluations were collected. The awarded retailers each received on average 100 evaluations from customers.

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