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HearUSA's leaders and Hearing Care Professionals are frequently featured in the news as industry experts, highlighting the importance of hearing health and our commitment to Simply Excellent Hearing Care.

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Can You Hear Me Now? How to Talk to Your Parents About Hearing Loss

Talking to your parents about hearing issues can be intimidating. Here's how to start the conversation.
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Alzheimer's/ Dementia Caregiver Support

HearUSA's Sabrina Lee, AuD, discusses the connection between brain health and hearing loss, and explains research showing how hearing aids can help mitigate the risks associated with dementia.
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HearUSA on Expanding Healthcare Accessibility and Prioritizing the Client Experience

AudiologyOnline spoke to Gemma Gray, Sr. Director of Professional Development and Retail Expansion at HearUSA to discuss the company’s presence at AAA 2024, the importance of hearing care accessibility, and what is new for HearUSA this year.

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Apr 29, 2024

Best Nationwide Hearing Aid Solutions Company

HearUSA Named Best Nationwide Hearing Aid Solutions Company in the 2024 Global Health & Pharma Private Healthcare Awards
HearUSA best nationwide award
HearUSA Expansion
Kevin Wellness and Nutrition
Newsweek Award
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Host of the "Over 50 Podcast" recommends HearUSA

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