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The professionals at our Support Center all contribute to our ability to deliver Simply Excellent Hearing Care in our hearing centers every day. We’re proud of the role that our 150+ professionals in each department play in creating a new standard in hearing care. Everyone at the Support Center is contributing to our ambition to change one million more lives in the next five years!
Lisa Barrett, Facilities Manager, HearUSA

The Keys to Navigating Career Growth at HearUSA from CES Team Lead to Facilities Manager

I began my career with HearUSA in 2019 when Lifestyle Hearing merged with the company and, since then, my journey has been defined by several new chapters and distinct responsibilities that all stem from the company’s growth mindset and ultimate goal of being the best place to work.   
As a professional, I’ve always been team oriented and held a firm belief that a company can only succeed as a team. Even years ago working in private practice, I worked with all of their centers, either training new employees or assisting them as needed. This led me to team lead roles and additional responsibilities supporting centers, including the opportunity to work in HearUSA Operations as a Division Coordinator (now Operations Coordinator) for a little over a year.  

To manage my transition through various roles and growth, I found that having a strong mentor within the company guided my career path in a number of ways, including recommending specific leadership trainings that helped me to grow. The company offers a rich program of leadership training courses that are combined with mentor counseling and everyone who joins HearUSA should take advantage of every resource that’s available to them. I owe my success at the company in no small measure to the many mentors who took the time to guide me in my career path. Additionally, I’m continually impressed by the tenure of people's careers at HearUSA as it’s clearly a testament to a company that cares for its employees.  

Fortunately, for those who may want to make a jump from Client Experience Specialist (CES) to Corporate, the CES position is ripe for growth. They can strive to become a CES Team Lead, which gives them valuable experience with the bigger picture of their district. They can also move into a Retail Insurance Team Lead (RITL) or Field Support Coordinator (FSC) role, which provides even more experience working with teams of people and also with our support center. There are also roles like Operations Coordinator or Client Activation Specialist. 
I was very happy in my role as Field Support Coordinator, but when the Facilities Manager position became available, I went for it right away — and I am enjoying my new responsibilities enormously. My role includes supporting the new Hearing Centers of the Future we are opening across the country, the renewal of insurance certificates and business licenses, and overseeing the work order process. The organizational skills and attention to detail I first learned as a Client Experience Specialist are serving me well in my new role, as I expect they will in the future.  

As I look back at my career at HearUSA it amazes me to see how my progress and my advancement over the last five years from CES Team Lead to Operations Coordinator to my current position as Facilities Manager stems directly from my and the company’s commitment to customer experience and team development through ongoing education.  
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Mat from Support Center at HearUSA

Hear from an employee

“HearUSA has provided me many years of opportunity to serve clients, to improve myself, and to grow my career. I started as a provider with HearUSA. Over the next decade, I took opportunities that were offered to provide care in other cities and states. I had the opportunity to run several offices, start a couple offices, manage many offices and eventually a sales division of the company. In the last 5 years, I’ve worked with our insurance team to grow our impact for those with hearing loss on a much larger scale. HearUSA has provided the support of colleagues and friends, people to challenge me to achieve more, and so much opportunity for growth.“

Matthew Christy, AuD, F-AAA
Senior Director, Networks

Career and lifestyle benefits

Going Beyond Together WSA
A culture of belonging

Going Beyond with TIDE

We are committed to creating an environment where every employee feels confident that they belong.

Our Team for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (TIDE) Council provides employees with the opportunity to advise executive leadership on topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. The TIDE Council makes recommendations to ensure that HearUSA achieves its diversity and inclusion mission and long-term goals. Employees apply for the Council and participate on TIDE for a one-year term.

As part of WS Audiology, TIDE members also collaborate with the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network.
Tide is one of the Hearing Care Professionals at HearUSA - find your new career

What our employees say:

“By being part of TIDE, I’m able to be the voice of our co-workers to make sure that their ideas, feelings and opinions are not only heard, but truly understood and taken into real consideration for the benefit of everybody. Like we say in Spanish, “En la unión está la fuerza” (we are strong together) but we will be stronger with an inclusive, diverse and equal culture.”

Annette Marie Garced-Santiago
Doctor of Audiology
TIDE Council member

We value the interview process

Recruitment at HearUSA

Recruitment process at HearUSA
Recruitment at HearUSA


Candidate receives notification of the screening process
Recruitment process at HearUSA
Recruitment at HearUSA


In an initial screening with a Talent Acquisition Partner, we learn about your background, goals and fit for the open position.
Recruitment process at HearUSA
Recruitment at HearUSA


Meet with a member of the hiring team. Find out more about the role and what to expect at HearUSA.
Recruitment process at HearUSA
Recruitment at HearUSA


If an offer is extended, you will hear from your Talent Acquisition Partner.
Recruitment process at HearUSA
Recruitment at HearUSA


Welcome to your new career at HearUSA! Every new hire is guided by an onboarding team for success from day 1.
Your potential

Equal opportunity

HearUSA provides equal opportunity in all of our employment practices to all qualified employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital status, military status, genetic information or any other category protected by federal, state and local laws.
Get help from our HearUSA Support Center with your questions about hearing aids and hearing loss
A career that changes lives

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Our Support Center team members are shaping the future of the new HearUSA. We are looking for enthusiastic, committed professionals to help us achieve our mission and set a new standard in modern hearing care.

Come and be part of the team that changes one million more lives in the next five years!
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