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Get help from our HearUSA Support Center with your questions about hearing aids and hearing loss

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Trisha Knowlton, Manager of Center Coordination, HearUSA

A Career of Endless Opportunities for Growth and Development

Personal growth and development have always been high priorities for me and I’ve always tried to look for new opportunities and challenges in everything I do.  I was drawn to HearUSA by the promising opportunities they offered and the chance to pursue my goals. When I joined the company in August 2011 as a Client Experience Specialist (CES), I had a strong sense that this was the right company that would offer what I was searching for. 

The CES position put me at the heart of what HearUSA does every day — change the lives of the clients we serve for the better. The CES does everything that keeps our centers running from managing schedules to sensitive client information, we work as a team to achieve clearly identified goals. Additionally, as a CES, I found great joy in assisting clients and exploring the different products we could offer them. Frankly, personal and professional growth are part of the job description for a CES. 

When I moved on from being a CES to serving first as a Team Lead and then as an FSC, I was able to grow personally and professionally while continuing to support clients as well as my fellow team members. Additionally, HearUSA enabled my development by offering high quality management developing and training programs, as well as valuable mentoring at every position in the company. Throughout my professional journey I decided to remain with HearUSA due to my deep appreciation for my colleagues and the company's forward-thinking direction.  Everything I have learned in my career journey at HearUSA has prepared me for my current position as a Manager of HearUSA Center Coordination. 

This position empowers me to serve as a bridge between the customer and business sides of the company and to use my knowledge, skills, and abilities to grow further as a professional. I support the FSCs while working on improving calendars, unscheduled revenue, and outbound calls with them to support company initiatives while also working cross functionally with the DMs, NDs, and Ops Team with projects.  The skills I've brought from my time as a CES encompass a deep understanding of the day-to-day operations in the field, which may not be immediately apparent to others. I can offer a unique perspective that is often invaluable in bridging the gap between theoretical expectations and practical realities in the field.  I’ve often heard it said that we are all the total of our experiences in life. That has certainly been the case for me and my journey HearUSA. And that journey continues every day. I  am not yet done with my growth and development, and I expect that HearUSA will offer me the next great step up in my career advancement!

Get help from our HearUSA Support Center with your questions about hearing aids and hearing loss
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