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At HearUSA, your hearing health is our number one priority. With an extensive network of 4,000 independent Hearing Care Professionals and more than 350 HearUSA centers, we strive every day to provide each individual with the care, knowledge and experience they deserve. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, it's time to get back on the road to happy, healthy hearing and start living life to the fullest. We'll be with you every step of the way.
HearUSA Hearing Care Provider Advisory Board

Certified Experts

Established in 2022, the HearUSA Hearing Care Professional (HCP) Advisory Board consists of seven HCPs dedicated to helping shape the organization’s future and contributing to the goal of changing one million more lives by 2028. 

Created to ensure the voice of our HCPs is well represented, the board provides feedback and professional practice expertise to the Management Executive Committee (MEC) on client care and the success of our business to provide Simply Excellent Hearing Care. Board members convene monthly to explore key programs and initiatives, playing a crucial role in evaluating proposed initiatives, processes, new products and practice standards within the clinical setting. Their expertise is instrumental in helping HearUSA deliver Simply Excellent Hearing Care.
Dan Troast HCP Advisory Board Chair
Dan Troast- Chair (Audiologist)
Dan Troast, AuD, is the audiologist at HearUSA in Winter Garden, FL and has served as chair of the HCP Advisory Board since 2022.  
Dan's interest in hearing health began with his grandfather, a hearing aid dispenser with his own practice. He has been a hearing care professional since 2005, practicing in New Jersey, Virginia and Florida, and holds a doctorate in audiology from Montclair State University. Specializing in diagnostic testing and hearing aid evaluation, Dan leverages his expertise in the latest digital technology to provide personalized customization for each client, maximizing their chances of success. 
Jaime Faucher - Scribe
Jamie Faucher-Scribe (Hearing Aid Specialist)
Jaime Faucher, HAS, is the hearing aid specialist at HearUSA in Mill Creek, WA and has served as scribe for the HCP Advisory Board since 2022.  
Jaime began her career in audiology by helping clients at the front desk, but after witnessing a mother and daughter communicate for the first time in years, she knew she wanted to become a hearing care professional. Jaime has worked in the industry for more than 15 years and has been at HearUSA for four years. 
Ashley Pearce
Ashley Pearce (Hearing Aid Specialist)
Ashley Pearce, HAS, is the hearing aid specialist at HearUSA in Sandy Springs, GA and has been a member of the HCP Advisory Board since 2023. 
With a background in 911 emergency communications, Ashley transitioned her passion for helping others into the hearing care industry. Her commitment to improving people's hearing began during her first hearing aid fitting when she witnessed her client's face light up. Ashley prioritizes client care, driven by her lifelong commitment to enhancing people's quality of life. 
Babette Grossman
Babette Grossman (Hearing Aid Specialist)
Babette Grossman, HAS, is the hearing aid specialist at HearUSA in Lakewood South, CO and has been a member of the HCP Advisory Board since 2023. 
Babette's passion for hearing healthcare began during a pivotal career moment, inspired by a close friend who was an audiologist. Witnessing the impact of hearing loss on loved ones, she dedicated herself to providing Simply Excellent Hearing Care, and has been a licensed hearing instrument specialist since 2020. 
Jenna Johnson
Jenna Johnson (Hearing Aid Specialist)
Jenna Johnson, HAS, is the hearing aid specialist at HearUSA in Kalispell, MT and has been a member of the HCP Advisory Board since 2022.  
Jenna’s journey in the hearing industry began in 2006 after joining a hearing program. She quickly realized its immense potential to positively change lives. She has worked at the same hearing center since the start of her career, and it became HearUSA in 2018. 
Natalie Calderon
Natalie Calderon (Audiologist)
Natalie Calderon, AuD, is the audiologist at HearUSA in La Habra, CA and has been a member the HCP Advisory Board since 2023.

Natalie discovered her passion for audiology during her undergraduate Speech-Language Pathology coursework. She holds a doctorate in audiology from San Diego State University and University of California San Diego. While Natalie fits hearing aid clients across the full life span, she specializes in pediatrics.  
Sabrina Lee - HCP advisory board
Sabrina Lee (Audiologist)
Sabrina Lee, AuD, is the audiologist at HearUSA in Hicksville, NY and has been a member of the HCP Advisory Board since 2023.

Sabrina found her passion for audiology while learning American Sign Language as a teenager. With a technology background, Sabrina specializes in hearing aid dispensing and vestibular assessment. She holds a doctorate in audiology from the University of Florida.
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As a recognized leader in hearing care, HearUSA has a vast network of providers, partners and Hearing Care Professionals across the company. We take the guess work out of your entire hearing health journey, from your initial screening and consultation through to the purchasing process and long-term maintenance of your hearing aids. With HearUSA, you’ll always have a trusted partner by your side.
  • HearUSA was established in 1987
    and is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • We're proud to be part of the WSAudiology Group
    a global leader in hearing care with the ambition of making wonderful sound part of everyone's life
  • We have a team of more than 850 employees
    and you can find us in more than 350 hearing centers across the U.S.
  • More than 4,000 independent Hearing Care Professionals
    are ready to help
  • We're HiTrust Certified
    meaning you can ensure we're handling all your medical information safely and confidentially.
  • We manage hearing benefits
    for insurance companies, benefit sponsors, employers and third-party payers
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HearUSA Ranked #1 U.S. Hearing Care Retailer 

We are honored to top the hearing care category in Newsweek’s survey1. Our expert hearing care professionals are committed to providing simply excellent hearing care as a trusted partner in your hearing journey.
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For over 35 years, we’ve been changing lives by helping people take charge of their hearing health. Today, we’re setting a new standard by delivering cutting edge hearing health solutions and outstanding customer care. You can expect the same great people and service, but benefit from being part of a positive future for hearing care, supported by a global community of HearUSA hearing centers and expert Hearing Care Professionals.
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Your hearing health is our number one priority and 88% of patients would recommend HearUSA to family or friends. Discover how HearUSA can help you take back your hearing health.
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