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We’re confident you won’t find a better price, but if you do, we’ll match it. *
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Overview of price match process

Here's how it works

  • Hearing evaluation
    HearUSA evaluates your hearing loss and recommends a personalized product with corresponding price.
  • Present your price quote
    If you have a qualifying written price quote for the (same or comparable) prescription hearing aids from another provider that’s lower, present that offer to your HearUSA Hearing Care Professional.
  • Reviewing quote
    HearUSA reviews the quote and approves your price adjustment if it meets the eligibility criteria.
At HearUSA, our focus is on changing lives through simply excellent hearing care. We strive to offer personalized hearing solutions at the most competitive pricing. We believe our pricing is among the lowest, but if you find a lower price from another Hearing Care Provider, we’ll be happy to match it.*

Terms and Conditions

1) The price match guarantee can be applied on purchases of HearUSA affiliated branded (Signia, Widex and Rexton) products of a comparable level of technology.  Only for prescription hearing aid devices. Excludes over-the-counter (OTC), personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs), and used/refurbished hearing aids. Price match guarantee cannot be combined with insurance or any government health care program, including (but not limited to) Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare; and cannot be combined with other offers or items already on sale (e.g., buy one get one offers).  Does not apply to any financing offers, coupon offers, online, special group, or membership pricing client received at competitors.

2) To qualify, the client must present a written quote or invoice from a HearUSA competitor that includes product and pricing details, manufacturer and model of hearing aids, and the location where the quote was obtained. Quote must be provided at the time of purchase and may not be applied to any previous purchases.

Written quotes or invoices may not be from a competitor outside 50 of miles of HearUSA center where the client visits..

3) We reserve the right to modify or end the Price Match Guarantee at any time.

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