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Hearing care beyond compare. It is not just about the hearing aids, it is about a lifetime of better hearing. We will listen and guide you, making sure you get a hearing care solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Individual solutions

What is important to you?

Ready to be WOWED?

First, we will connect with you to find out what’s important to you while setting your expectations for the appointment.  

During the appointment, we will discover your listening needs and provide you with a “wow” experience by placing hearing aids on your ears.

We will recommend a personalized solution for you based on your lifestyle and hearing needs.

We pledge to give you the opportunity to Hear Better Today.

Finally, we promise to empower you throughout your hearing journey to hear better and change your life through Simply Excellent Hearing Care.

What to expect on your visit

Customized hearing care recommendations

  • Focus on your needs
    Discover your hearing needs and understand your journey to better hearing care.
  • Customized recommendation
    Receive a customized hearing care recommendation to fit your specific needs.
  • Customized hearing solution
    A knowledgeable Hearing Care Professional trained to deliver customized hearing solutions to fit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Demo a hearing aid on the spot
    Experience better hearing during your visit, with the latest hearing aid technology
  • Empowering you
    Empowering you to live life to the fullest with improved hearing and ongoing support from HearUSA.
We recommend the best solution to fit your needs and lifestyle – guaranteed. This is our Simply Excellent Hearing Care Promise.
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Breaking down barriers

Hearing aids & health insurances

There are enough hurdles in life. Access to great hearing solutions shouldn’t be one of them. Our insurance specialists will help you understand your options and maximize your benefits.
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HearUSA Newsweek
How does HearUSA rank?

HearUSA Ranked #1 U.S. Hearing Care Retailer 

We are honored to top the hearing care category in Newsweek’s survey1. Our expert hearing care professionals are committed to providing simply excellent hearing care as a trusted partner in your hearing journey.

Newsweek’s America's Best Retailers 2023 rankings were identified from the results of an independent survey of more than 9,000 U.S. customers who have shopped at the retailers in-person in the past three years. In total, over 140,000 evaluations were collected. The awarded retailers each received on average 100 evaluations from customers.

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