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Glasses let you see things. Hearing aids let you engage with people. If you’ve been living with hearing loss, it’s time to take back control and find a solution that’s right for you.
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Hearing aid brands

HearUSA offers the biggest range of top hearing aid brands in America. Compare the hearing aid brands and discover the right one for you. Start now.
Signia hearing aids

Be Brilliant™ with Signia

With Signia, you'll have a hearing aid that fits to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Browse Signia's styles to find a hearing aid you'll love to wear and let you be at your best.
Discover Signia hearing aids
Insio AX Black Double Signia Hearing aids
Widex hearing aids

The WIDEX WOW factor

The Widex sound really is incredible pure and natural. A truly unique experience. You can choose from different styles and on top of that, many models are rechargeable and can be charged on-the-go.
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Rexton hearing aids

Rely on Rexton

Discover easy-to-use and contemporary hearing aids proven to perform in all conditions and all life situations.
Discover Rexton hearing aids
Rexton bicore hearing aid range available in many styles for mild moderate and severe hearing loss

Hearing aid types 

With a wide array of styles, sizes, colors and features - your hearing aids are new music to your ears. 
Explore hearing aid types
Different types of hearing aids categorized by how they are fitted in and on the ear
Finding your fit

Which hearing aid is right for you?

Book an appointment to find out which hearing aid is the best fit for you. Our Hearing Care Professionals will be with you every step of the way.
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Hearing aid insurance and financing

Hearing aid insurance

We've got you covered

With years of experience and an unbeatable network of providers, we're here to help you get the best coverage possible, regardless of your insurance policy.
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Your financing options

Stress-free financing

You shouldn't have to worry about cost when it comes to your hearing health. If you're ready to find the right solution at an affordable price, HearUSA has you covered.
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Special offers

Looking for affordable quality hearing aids? Explore our current super deals on hearing aids.
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Hearing aids will help you in social situations when dancing
Why HearUSA

The top reasons to trust us with your hearing 

  • We’re all ears to your needs
    Because your hearing challenges are individual and so is the help we provide.
  • Up close and personal
    Because, with 4,000 Hearing Care Professionals and over 350 HearUSA centers, our care is always personal.
  • An incredible selection to fit your budget and lifestyle
    With more than 250 models of the most innovative brands in the country.
  • Smart financing
    Because we take the guesswork out of what your insurance covers and healthy hearing is an investment in the future of your mental health.
  • Expert testing, expert consultation
    Because our hearing tests are not only complimentary, they’re also performed by kind and generous experts in the field.
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