hearing can be your superpower

Glasses let you see things. Hearing aids let you engage with people. If you’ve been living with hearing loss, it’s time to take back control and find a solution that’s right for you. Our Hearing Care Professionals will be with you every step of the way.
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Hearing aids hiding behind the ear are very discreet
Choosing a hearing aid

Finding your fit: which hearing aid is right for you?

Welcome to the world of choice, style and innovation—we'll be your tour guide. Offering a top selection from award-winning, cutting-edge brands, with us, your hearing health is in good hands. Regardless of your needs, lifestyle and level of hearing loss, we'll be with you every step of the way as you explore the countless opportunities hearing aids can bring. Take an in-depth look at all of the models and styles available. We guarantee your perfect match awaits you.
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Our best technology for only 

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Life is precious to miss a single sound. Enjoy every magical moment with affordable, prescription hearing aids. *Exclusions apply.

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Hearing aids will help you in social situations when dancing
Signia hearing aids

Be Brilliant™ with Signia

Innovative design that lets you shine. With Signia, you'll have a hearing aid that fits to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Sensor technology that helps your hearing aids adapt to your lifestyle? Check. Barely-there, tailor-made solutions? Check. Unbelievable style? You see where we're going with this. Browse Signia's styles below to find a hearing aid you'll love to wear and let you be at your best.
Be Brilliant™ with Signia Pure Charge&Go AX

Signia Pure, pure technology

It will feel like this sound has been crafted only for you. Like it was custom-made to your specific needs and optimum experience. Signia Pure offers groundbreaking technology for maximum performance.
Signia hearing aids logo
Be Brilliant™ with Signia Insio 

Tailor-made, your       perfect fit

Each ear is different and so, too, is each Insio. Snug as a bug: The model is an actual cast of your ear canal, ensuring the most natural sound.
Insio AX Black Double Signia Hearing aids
Be Brilliant™ with Signia Active

Because you love being active

A revolution in hearing: pop them in just like earbuds for music, phone calls and enhanced conversations. It’s your secret hearing aid.
Signia Active hearing aids like earbuds
Be Brilliant™ with Signia Styletto

Brilliant hearing never looked so good

A completely new hearing style: it’s stylettos for your ears. Sleek and gorgeous sound to update your powergame, all gain no pain.
Styletto X Snowhite Hearing AIds
Be Brilliant™ with Signia Silk X

Silk X is your secret weapon

Nearly invisible, no one can see Silk X sitting discreetly inside your ear. The soft silicone sleeve also makes it super comfy.
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Signia Silk Hearing aid

WIDEX your sound

PureSound™ is at the forefront when it comes to Widex hearing aids. Known for their unbelievably clear, natural sound, you may even forget your wearing them at all. And that's really what it's all about, right? A hearing experience that lets you enjoy everything around you without hassle, every sound as clear as the next. Venture into the Widex world and find a hearing aid that puts you and your needs first.
The WIDEX wow factor

WIDEX Moment™      hearing aids

One of a kind hearing aids. The sound really is incrediable pure and natural. A truely unique experience. You can choose from styles which are snuggled descreetly inside your ears or a version worn behind your ears, which are know to be exceptionally powerful. And on top of that, many models are rechargeable and can be charged on-the-go.
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Widex Moment s-RIC hearing aid
New music to your ears

First-time dip into    hearing aids?

Step one is taking advantage of smart options. With a wide array of styles, sizes, colors and features - your hearing aids are new music to your ears.
Types of hearing aids
Advanced technology

Hi-tech, hello natural world!

The advances are macros, the technology micro. We're talking the power of a supercomputer and superamplifiers (made of gold) that help you connect, control and recharge wirelessly.
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Hearing aid insurance

We've got you covered

With years of experience and an unbeatable network of providers, we're here to help you get the best coverage possible, regardless of your insurance policy.
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Hearing aid appointment with elderly woman
Why HearUSA

The top reasons to trust us with your hearing 

  • We’re all ears to your needs
    Because your hearing challenges are individual and so is the help we provide.
  • Up close and personal
    Because, with 4,000 Hearing Care Professionals and over 350 HearUSA centers, our care is always personal.
  • An incredible selection to fit your budget and lifestyle
    With more than 250 models of the most innovative brands in the country.
  • Smart financing
    Because we take the guesswork out of what your insurance covers and healthy hearing is an investment in the future of your mental health.
  • Expert testing, expert consultation
    Because our hearing tests are not only complimentary, they’re also performed by kind and generous experts in the field.
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