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Things to know about hearing loss


Being informed is the first step in addressing your hearing loss, including the challenges you may face and how easy it is to improve your hearing health.
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Hearing loss lowdown

Things to know about hearing loss

If you want to get ahead in the game of hearing health, you've already taken a step in the right direction. It’s important to know you’re not alone. If you or a loved one are having to repeat themselves or if you think certain situations are challenging your hearing, we’re here to help.

Here you’ll find links to a variety of key topics related to hearing loss as well as gain a deeper understanding of its stages. You can also find out more about the causes, the most common types, and how to get the help you need for your hearing health from experts in the field.

But first, let us give you an introduction to understanding hearing loss:
Hearing loss causes

The backstory

Tracking the origins of less-than-optimal hearing is the right kick-off. We're here to help you figure out how to prevent and put the breaks on further hearing impediments. Our Hearing Care Professional stand ready to find a tailor-made solution to fit your individual needs.
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Hearing loss types

Types of hearing loss

Finding out which type of hearing loss you are experiencing is another important first step. this will help you identify potential causes and ways to prevent or reduce the rate of hearing loss. It will also help your Hearing Care Professional find the right solution for you. 
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Test and diagnosis

Hidden risks of hearing loss

The longer you wait the worse it gets - your brain unlearns how to process sounds.

There is a risk of depression and isolation and
studies shows that mild hearing loss doubled dementia risk.

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Reading the signs

Recognizing hearing loss

Understanding the signs of hearing loss is an essential part of your hearing journey. No more detours. It’s time to get back on the road to healthy hearing.
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taking action on hearing loss
Hearing loss treatment

Taking action

The most common treatment for any stage of hearing loss is the help of a nifty hearing device. Inform yourself and know that you are never alone. Our experienced Hearing Care Professional are here to advise and support you.
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Talking to your partner about their hearing loss
Helping a loved one

Hear me out

Hearing loss is a complex issue. If your loved one is living with hearing loss, there are ways you can support them. Learn how to approach the issue of hearing loss with your loved one and how you can help them start hearing better today.
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Hearing loss can make you feel isolated at work missing out on important information
Sound choices

Explore the world of hearing solutions

Hearing devices are not only common but also really effective little helpers to get you back to 100% hearing. Think of them as your unpaid assistants. You'll never have to ask a question twice (or more) again.
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