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What’s causing my hearing loss? If you're asking this question, you're already pointed in the right direction. This fast-paced, bustling world is full of beautiful sounds—you deserve to hear them all. Understanding what is affecting your hearing health and how to address it puts you back in the driver’s seat. As an expert in the field, HearUSA is excited to join you on your journey.
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Common causes of hearing loss explained
All about hearing loss

Hearing loss: let’s get to the bottom of it

The upstairs neighbor testing out their new surround sound. An overtired child determined to show you just how loud they can be. Sure, you're not the only one who wouldn't mind turning the volume down a few notches sometimes. But if you find you're missing out on so much more, it may be time to get to dig deeper. Understanding the cause of your hearing loss is a great first step. Below you'll find the most common causes and learn how you can tackle them and get back to living your best life.
Age-related hearing loss

How time takes its toll on your ears

While we're busy living, our hearing health has its own agenda. Changes to the inner ear and other medical conditions affect hearing over time. Hearing aids can help you take back control.
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Dangerous decibels

How loud is too loud?

It's a noisy world out there and our ears are often the first to notice. When decibel levels are drastic, they can damage the delicate structures of our ears leading to hearing loss. Find out how to prevent it and how to deal with lasting effects.
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Ear infection impacts

Is there something in my ear?

Most people will get an ear infection at some point in their life. Earache, feeling of fullness and reduced hearing are all tell-tale signs. And while they can feel troubling, there are ways to alleviate your symptoms.
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Your hearing specialist can help to guide you with the right hearing solution
Earwax buildup

The inside scoop on earwax

It might not be the sexiest of topics, but it sure is an important one. Understand the benefits of earwax, how our ears stay clean and what to do if your earwax gets a little out of control.
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A hearing loss can make you feel tired since you struggle to hear the sounds around you

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