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New Look on an Old Friend

We’ve come together!  One name with a snappy new look, HearUSA.  It’s still us, same familiar smiling faces, with a renewed, unified commitment to you – with even more access to Hearing Centers, On-Line Services and the latest advances in better hearing.
Setting the standard in hearing care

Your favorite hearing center is now HearUSA

For over 35 years, we’ve been changing lives by helping people take charge of their hearing health. Today, we’re setting a new standard by delivering cutting edge hearing health solutions and outstanding customer care. You can expect the same great people and service, but benefit from being part of a positive future for hearing care, supported by a global community of HearUSA Hearing Centers and expert hearing care specialists.
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HearUSA has a team of highly trained experts ready to test your hearing and find solutions that fit your needs, including helping choose your hearing aids and custom fitting them.
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What to expect

Preparing for your hearing appointment

Our Hearing Care Professionals are here to ensure a comfortable, convenient  and successful visit. So, what can you expect? Nothing but excellent, effective hearing care.
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Hearing loss

Things to know about hearing loss

Learn about common types of hearing loss and their causes, along with everyday signs of hearing loss and ways to improve your hearing.
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Online hearing test

Act now and test your hearing for free

An online hearing test is an easy way to get a general view of your hearing abilities. Test your hearing in both ears and get instant results.
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As a friend you are key to helping a loved one take action on hearing loss seeking help
Hearing aids & health insurance

Breaking down barriers

There are enough hurdles in life. Access to great hearing solutions shouldn’t be one of them. Our insurance specialists will help you understand your options and maximize your benefits.
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Why HearUSA

Our experience is your advantage. With an expert team of Hearing Care Professionals and over 35 years of providing the best in hearing solutions, your hearing health is in good hands.
Why us?

Innovation with a familiar face

Our friendly experts are moving into the future with us

Tally ho! New technology ahoy. Help is on the way.

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