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Hearing appointment: What to expect on your first visit

Hearing appointments are an important way to know that status of your hearing health. Below you'll find how to prepare and what to know before your hearing appointment and hearing test.
Taking action on your hearing health

When to schedule a hearing appointment

This is the right time. Even if you only have trouble hearing only in certain settings, now is the time to schedule an appointment. We can help you spot the nuanced signs of gradual hearing loss.
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Get help from your spouse or a loved one to deal with your hearing loss

Where to go for a hearing appointment

At one of our 350+ hearing centers, our Hearing Care Professionals are here to help and guide you. We can give you a hearing test and talk you through your options. Quite possibly, you just need to clean out excessive ear wax, but we can also detect situations that need the immediate care of your doctor. In any case, we are here to support you on your journey back to better hearing.
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Your hearing appointment

What to expect at your hearing appointment

A routine hearing check-up includes a basic screening, a more detailed hearing test, and informed consultation. Your Hearing Care Professional will want to talk about how you hear in everyday scenarios. They will also use an otoscope, a lighted tool used to look into your ear canal.

Prepare for questions like: When do you notice trouble hearing? How long has it been since you noticed a loss of hearing? Are you regularly exposed to high noise levels? What activities are most impacted?

Be open and honest with your Hearing Care Professional. It will save you time and put you back onto the road to healthy hearing. Getting an accurate view of your hearing health is an essential first step on your journey

The hearing screening

After the initial screening, you can take advantage of a more advanced hearing diagnosis known as the audiometric test. Kind of like a translator at the UN, you’ll sit in a sound-treated booth, listening to a series of beeps or tones through headphones. These tones are at different frequency levels, higher and lower pitches of sound. You will usually be given a button to press when you hear a sound or be asked to raise your hand.

Hearing test results: your audiogram

The results of your hearing test will be displayed on an audiogram. Your Hearing Care Professional will analyze your audiogram to give you a better understanding of your specific type and degree of hearing loss. They are able to tell you the sounds or frequencies that need improvement and may suggest hearing aids that match well with your needs.
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Online hearing test

An online hearing test is an easy way to get a general outlook on your hearing ability. While the in-person hearing appointment and hearing test are recommended and more accurate, an online hearing test is still a good place to start.
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Preparing for your visit

Five tips for your first appointment


Compile health and lifestyle information

Learn more about causes and types of hearing loss. Is your hearing affecting your daily life? Do you find yourself wanting to get closer to hearing better?  Ask family or friends. They know the situations in which you find it challenging to hear. Write them down before you come in for a visit.
More on hearing loss
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Step 2

Research hearing aid types and styles

Hearing devices will soon be as common as eyeglasses. There are several types to choose from. Come in and check out the wide variety of options.
Types of hearing aids
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Step 3

Understand your insurance coverage

Our experienced insurance specialists will help you maximize your benefits and pay the least out of pocket. All you need to do is provide us with your insurance information.
Insurance and financing
WSA Prepare your visit
Step 4

Write down your questions

What happens if I don’t treat my hearing loss? Is it only temporary? Are hearing aids my only option? Will my mood improve if I can hear better? (Well, we hope you know the answer to that one, at least.)
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Step 5

Bring a second pair of ears

Reimagine conversation, reimagine a better partnership: hearing better is listening better. Nip the grumpiness in the bud and bring your loved one so they can help you take back your hearing health.
How to help a loved one
Prepare your visit

Hearing appointment: FAQ:

How will I know when I need hearing aids?

If you notice you have trouble hearing, getting a routine test at an early stage is important for prevention. Speak with a Hearing Care Professional to learn more.

How do I buy hearing aids?

If your Hearing Care Professional recommends hearing aids, HearUSA offers the largest selection of options for you to choose from. Visit your local HearUSA center to learn more about what options are best for your hearing needs.

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