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What to expect at your first hearing appointment
How to prepare and what to know before your hearing appointment and hearing test as well as introducing you to what happen at your actual appointment
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Preparing for your visit

Tips for your first appointment

  • 1
    Your questions
    This is your time to ask your; Hearing Care Professional anything you'd like to know. Put together a list of your questions and bring them along.
  • 5
    Medical history and medication
    Both medical history and information on any medication you're currently taking can help narrow down possible hearing loss causes.
  • 2
    Bring someone special
    Having someone by your side to help support you can make all the difference. They will be able to pitch in and discuss all the information you get at the appointment.
  • 6
    Online hearing test results
    If you have taken our online hearing test, bring the results with you.
  • 3
    I.D. insurance information
    Make sure to bring identification and your insurance card. This way, we can confirm your identity and your insurance coverage. Some hearing centers will also accept Medicaid.
  • 7
    List your hearing challenges
    It would help if you prepare a list of examples of your hearing challenges, like struggling to hear in noisy environments or on the golf course. You could also ask your family or friends whether they have examples of situations where they experience your hearing challenges.
  • 4
    Explore hearing solutions
    It could be helpful for you to explore our hearing solutions before your appointment as an inspiration on what hearing aid models and types may best suit you and your lifestyle.
  • 8
    Completing forms
    We will ask you to complete forms either online beforehand or when you arrive. If you need assistance with this, we are happy to help you.

Haven't had the time to prepare?

No worries

We will go through it together at the hearing center.

Hearing screening

Test your hearing online

If you haven't yet taken an online hearing test feel free to do it now before your appointment. Bring your results with you to your Hearing Care Professional as this is a good starting point for your conversation.
Start online test
Test your hearing loss with an online hearing test
Your hearing appointment

When you arrive at your hearing center

  • The Client Experience Specialist at the front desk will get you checked into your appointment.

  • Your Hearing Care Professional will greet you and your companion at the start of the appointment and invite you to the testing suite.

  • They will then ask you some questions and encourage you to discuss your hearing challenges in greater detail. The more you tell them, the more they can help you! This important information will help them begin to find your personalized solution.

  • They will also ask you what you know about hearing aids. This is the time to share what you already know or might have heard about them.

  • If you have questions about hearing aids, now is the time to ask!

  • The entire appointment will last about an hour.
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Diagnosis and test

The hearing test

After learning about you and your hearing challenges, your Hearing Care Professional will look in your ears and then test your hearing in a sound-treated booth.

Using special headphones, you will hear a series of beeps, buzzes and words. Some of these sounds and words will be loud and some will be very soft. You will simply raise your hand, press a button or repeat the words you hear. Don’t worry! Your Hearing Care Professional will guide you every step of the way.

As part of the hearing test, your Hearing Care Professional may quickly set up a pair of hearing aids and have you repeat more words to get a better understanding of your hearing needs.

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Analyzing your hearing test

Hearing test results: your audiogram

Your Hearing Care Professional will graph your hearing on an audiogram to determine your type and degree of hearing loss.

They will then go over the findings with you by explaining what sounds you may or may not be able to hear which often correlates to the hearing challenges you shared prior to the appointment.

From there, if a hearing loss is found, your Hearing Care Professional may recommend hearing aids. You may even take a pair home with you that day for a trial.


Finding the best solution for you

If your Hearing Care Professional finds that you have a hearing loss, they will recommend hearing aids for you based on your hearing challenges and type of hearing loss. We have a wide variety of hearing aid styles and technology, and we will work together with you to find the best solution for your lifestyle.

You might even be able to walk out that same day with a pair of hearing aids on your ears.

Hearing aid insurance

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Types of hearing aids

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