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Welcome to the Widex world

A hearing experience as individual as your fingerprints. Take back your hearing health with Widex hearing aids.
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Widex hearing aids - Sound like no other
Widex hearing aids

Pure, natural sound

Can you imagine a product that wants to be forgotten? That's exactly the case with Widex hearing aids. With a sound so natural and pure, and a comfortable fit, you'll forget you're evening wearing them. And that's exactly the point. Regardless of your lifestyle, level of hearing loss and individual needs, Widex works to create a sound experience that puts you back in the driver's seat and brings you closer to the people and things you love most.
Types of Widex hearing aids

Pick your fit

Whether you're athletic and active, the life of the party, or someone who prefers a nice conversation in the corner of a coffee shop—your hearing aid should adapt to you. Part of that mission includes finding the device that suits your style as well. With Widex, you'll have several types to choose from, some smaller and more discreet and others more robust and powerful. Widex hearing aids can be worn:

Behind the ear

Behind-the-ear models are true power packets. With all or almost all electrical components placed in a shell behind the ear, this type of hearing aid comes in a huge range of sizes, shapes and styles. This style also includes the option to have the receiver in the ear (RITE) or the receiver in the canal (RIC). Behind-the-ear models are generally suitable for any level of hearing loss.

In the ear

With a small and sometimes almost-invisible look, in-the-ear hearing aids sit in the opening of the ear canal. Those placed completely in the canal (CIC) are the most discreet of them all. Custom fit for your ear canal, these models are literally made for you. Those with low to moderately-severe hearing loss can benefit from this style of hearing aid.

Take a look below to explore the wide range of Widex options available to you. With our help, we're certain you'll find the device that suits your style and your hearing health needs.
WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids

Seize the moment

Goodbye artificial noise, hello pure, natural sound. With Widex MOMENT™ and its incorporated PureSound™ technology, you'll hear the world around you the way it was intended.
Widex Moment hearing aids for different types of hearing loss
WIDEX EVOKE™ hearing aids

The evolution of sound

A hearing aid that truly knows you? With WIDEX EVOKE™ and its SoundSense technology, your device learns from the adjustments you make and the environment you're in to provide the perfect hearing experience.
Widex Evoke hearing aids
Widex PureSound™ experience

A sound like no other

Widex PureSound™  tackles the traditional hearing aid problems at their source. By ensuring sound reaches the eardrum as naturally as possible, long gone are the days of tinny, artificial noise. How about a clear, natural sound instead?
Widex PureSound™ for hearing aids

Convenient, comfortable hearing care

Live communication and personal consultation with your Hearing Care Professional from wherever you are? With WIDEX REMOTE CARE™ your comfort is priority number one.
Widex Remote Care for hearing aids remote service
Widex ZeroDelay™ technology

Bye-bye, delay

Even a tiny delay can cause a world of trouble. Widex ZeroDelay™ technology faces this problem head on with an ultrafast signal pathway, reducing the processing delay between your hearing aid's microphone and receiver.
Widex Moment hearing aids hearing in the rain

Widex hearing aids: FAQ

What is the best Widex hearing aid?

The best functioning hearing aid is strongly dependent on the user's needs. One of the latest and most popular models from Widex is the Widex Moment hearing aid, which utilizes its PureSound platform for a clear, natural sound. Widex Evoke hearing aids also learn from their user, evolving and adapting to their needs as they wear them.

What is the latest Widex hearing aid?

Released in March 2022, Widex Moment hearing aids are the latest in Widex hearing aid selection. Their PureSound platform utilizes ZeroDelay technology to deliver a pure, natural sound without the typical distortion many hearing aids deliver.

Where can I buy Widex hearing aids?

Widex hearing aids are available at all HearUSA locations. Contact HearUSA or find your nearest location to explore the entire range of Widex products.

How long do Widex hearing aids last?

On average, Widex hearing aids last between five and seven years. The lifespan of your hearing aid is also dependent on the style and type of hearing aid as well as the quality of maintenance.

What do Widex hearing aids cost?

The price of Widex hearing aids varies depending on the model and features included. On average, you will pay between $1,000 to $4,000 dollars for Widex hearing aids.

Are Widex hearing aids any good?

Widex hearing aids utilize the latest in hearing aid technology and greatly improve a users hearing experience. Not only do Widex hearing aids provide a clear, natural sound thanks to their PureSound experience, they can also learn from their users, evolving and adapting to any situation.

Are Widex hearing aids waterproof?

Widex hearing aids are water resistant. That means they can withstand the normal, everyday conditions, including dust, debris, moisture and rain. However, they are not waterproof and should not be worn while showering or swimming.

Where are Widex hearing aids made?

All Widex hearing aids are manufactured in Denmark at the company's headquarters in Lynge.

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