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In a busy, unpredictable world, you need a hearing aid you can count on. Rexton has meant reliability since 1955.  Find out which Rexton hearing aids are the best for your lifestyle.
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Durable, practical and proven - if there's one thing you can rely on, it's your Rexton hearing aids. When it comes to your hearing health, finding a device that can withstand the ups and downs of the day and any environment you find yourself in is essential. That's exactly what Rexton strives for: Providing a hearing aid that can support you in any situation and any walk of life. If hearing loss is holding you back, it's time to rely on Rexton.
Introducing Rexton BiCore hearing aids

Which BiCore suits your lifestyle?

Rexton BiCore platform with a hearing aid range covering mild to severe hearing loss
Rexton BiCore hearing aids range

Find your BiCore

The range include the:

Slim RIC
rechargeable and with up to 20h battery runtime

Custom LI
rechargeable custom fit with up to 24h battery runtime

R 312, R-Li and R-Li T
depending on the model you will have from 39-72h battery runtime
Rexton BiCore hearing aids

A smooth all-round experience

The newest Rexton hearing aids give an experience of being able to hear people talking around you as well as being aware of general sounds like phone, background music and machinery.

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Rexton MotionCore hearing aids

Your hearing in motion

With proven MotionCore technology, your hearing aid can recognize your environment and adapt accordingly. The M.Core range includes:

M-Core SR with a sleak and slinky award winning design

M-Core R also in a rechargeable option

M-Core B-Li come completely rechargeable, even up to the High Power models with an unbelievable runtime of up to 61 hours on a single charge

M-Cre iX have a comfortable fit are tiny in a virtually invisible design

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Improving hearing health together

Conquer our hearing loss by getting the right hearing aids

Accessories and add-ons

These accessories are anything but "just for looks." With the right accessories, technology can help seamlessly...
A hearing loss can isolate you and make you withdraw from social situations

Hearing aid maintenance

Our hearing aids aren't just devices, they're our daily companions on our hearing health journey. Learning to care for and maintain your hearing aids not only means you'll get the most out of your hearing experience, but you'll also have them along for the ride for much longer.

Why choose us?

We've been making tailor-made hearing devices that meet your every need for over 35 years. When it comes to your needs, we’re all ears. Take your first step on your journey to better hearing and we’ll be sure to guide you along the way.

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