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Rely on Rexton

In a busy, unpredictable world, you need a hearing aid you can count on. No matter what comes your way, with Rexton on your side, you'll be prepared.
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Rexton hearing aids

Because life is for living

Durable, practical and proven—if there's one thing you can rely on, it's your Rexton hearing aids. When it comes to your hearing health, finding a device that can withstand the ups and downs of the day and any environment you find yourself in is essential. That's exactly what Rexton strives for: Providing a hearing aid that can support you in any situation and any walk of life. If hearing loss is holding you back, it's time to rely on Rexton.
Rexton MotionCore hearing aids

Your hearing in motion

With MotionCore technology, your hearing aid can recognize your environment and adapt accordingly. Discover the power of M-Core and hear what matters, automatically.
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Rexton MyCore hearing aids

The power of clear communication

With the perfect combination of clear sound and streaming capabilities, MyCore focuses on what counts. Binaural signal process and My Voice technology means you'll hear voices as they were meant to be heard—crystal clear.
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Rexton TruCore™ hearing aids

Clear, comfortable sound

Crowded theater, concert hall or cozy cafe—no matter where you go, you deserve a sound experience you love. With its voice ranger and music enhancer, TruCore™ delivers the most natural sound in any situation.
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Rexton hearing aids: FAQ

What are the available Rexton hearing aid models?

Rexton hearing aid models include BiCore, M-Core, MyCore and TruCore™ hearing aids.

Are Rexton hearing aids good?

Known for their durability, reliability and easy-to-use features, Rexton hearing aids are some of the leading hearing aids on the market. Utilizing the latest in hearing aid technology, they can provide you with a reliable, natural sound and help you take back your hearing health.

How much are Rexton hearing aids?

The price of Rexton hearing aids varies depending on the model and features included. On average, you will pay between $1,000 to $5,000 for Rexton hearing aids.

Where can you buy Rexton hearing aids?

Rexton hearing aids are available at all HearUSA locations. Contact HearUSA or find your nearest hearing center to explore the entire range of Rexton products.

Who makes Rexton hearing aids?

WS Audiology, one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world, makes Rexton hearing aids.

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