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Come for a free demo to try our hearing aids for veterans. We will be able to help you with insurance and financing

Hearing aids for veterans

Are you a veteran and think you might have a hearing loss or do you have a challange with tinnitus? Come to one of our hearing centers for a complimentary hearing evaluation and a demo of our hearing devises - no strings attached.
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Vets, we want you to hear better

It’s time to get back to optimal hearing. Are you a veteran with hearing loss or a ringing in the ears? You're not alone and you may very well qualify for disability compensation. Regular exposure to loud noise or blast injuries are very common among veterans.

Healthy hearing is your right. What’s the best for you depends on your needs. Perhaps you have a combination of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hearing loss? Or maybe you are having trouble following conversations or want to be able to hear your TV better without blasting out your neighbors. You’ll want to hear every joke your best friend is making, you’ll want to be able to experience the subtle symphonic sounds of nature. In any case, there’s a custom-made solution for your situation.
Insurance and financial assistance for hearing aids


Hearing aids are quite possibly covered by your insurance. We can help you with the paperwork and processing every step of the way, handling all the communication with the insurance company for you. This puts no restrictions on your choice of hearing aids. We can make this happen for you very quickly, so you don't have to wait for better hearing.
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Hearing care for veterans and active military

Lima Charlie, Widex is here for you

Widex is a leader in managing that incessant ringing in your ears. With our Zen Therapy, you can relax and reduce stress.
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Hearing care for veterans and active military

Be Brilliant with Signia: loud and clear

Signia is a leader in modern digital hearing aids, with unbelievable features connected via your smartphone to help you optimize your soundscape.
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Hearing aids for veterans and active military: FAQ

I am a veteran with hearing loss and/or tinnitus. How can I get help?

What type of hearing aid does the VA provide?

How much does the VA pay for tinnitus?

How often will the VA allow me to replace my hearing aids if lost?

What are the requirements to get hearing aids from the VA?

What if my hearing loss doesn't turn up until later?

What is the VA disability rating for hearing aids?

How much do VA hearing aids cost?

How do I get hearing aids from VA?

How often the VA replace hearing aids?

What brand of hearing aids does the VA provide?

What tests will you need to take to prove that your hearing loss is connected to your military service?

Widex Moment hearing aid technology for best sound
Hearing aid technology

What's the technology behind modern hearing aids?

Modern hearing aids are super smart. Basically, the technology imitates how your brain would hear sound if your hearing wasn’t impaired.
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