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Music has an enormous impact on who we are. Whether you’re a professional musician or just someone who loves listening, hearing loss can have a big impact on daily life. Find out how to prevent further damage and how hearing aids can be music to your ears, literally.
Hearing health and music

How hearing loss affects your music experience

If you’re a music lover, you may have noticed that listening to music with hearing loss is a different or less enjoyable experience. Hearing loss can affect your ability to enjoy music in a number of ways. For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, it may be difficult to pick out certain frequencies or individual instruments. This makes it harder to appreciate the full range of sounds in a piece of music and can impact the overall listening experience. For those with severe to profound hearing loss, it may be difficult or even impossible to hear music at all, which can be a very distressing experience. The more severe the hearing loss, the more difficult it can be to fully enjoy music.
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Is your love of music harming your hearing?

Music plays an essential role in every aspect of life.  It’s part of our culture, our personality and even how we perceive the world. But years of ear buds, loud concerts and a constant flow of musical input can really take a toll on your ears. For music lovers or those who have made a career out of music, hearing loss can be seen as an existential threat to their way of life.

Pinpointing the problem

For many musicians, hearing loss takes place gradually overtime. Inability to hear the nuances of music, such as various tones and frequencies, can jeopardize both listening and playing abilities. Since music is often intertwined with our mood, hearing loss can also put music lovers at risk for emotional impacts, such as isolation and depression. If you believe your hearing may be affecting your music life, it’s time to take action. Testing your hearing abilities with an online hearing test is a great place to start.
Protect your hearing 

How musicians can avoid further damage

  • Keep a pen and notepad with you: This can be useful for writing down important information, such as the address of your hotel or flight itinerary.
  • Advocate for yourself: Let your flight attendant and other travel employees know you have a hearing loss. They can help keep you updated on changes and essential information.
  • Use technology: Set up travel alerts on on your phone, request assistive listening devices and use your hearing aids throughout your travels.
  • Pack smart: Pack all essential items, such as hearing aid supplies, communication tools and medical supplies, in your carry on in case your bag goes missing.
Treating your hearing loss

Hearing aids for musicians

Advances in technology mean that hearing aids aren’t just meant for speech enhancement anymore. There are now hearing aids on the market specifically made for musicians and those who frequently listen to music. Hearing aids can separate speech from music, providing a clearer, high-quality range of sound. The replaced sound input can also help ease symptoms of tinnitus, a common symptom of hearing loss for musicians. Finally, it’s also possible to stream music directly to your hearing aids. If you’re a musician with hearing loss, talk to a Hearing Care Professional about your options.

Take a look at the video below to see how hearing aids not only helped this professional musician hear the nuances of music again, but how it helped bring light and life back into his life, too.
Did you know?

There are hearing aid styles and features made specifically for musicians and music lovers.

Did you know?

Listening to music with a hearing loss can make the music sound dull missing out on the great music experience.

How hearing aids improve your music listening experience

How can hearing aids help you?

Today’s modern hearing aids are intelligent and have functionalities that recognize and adjust to your sound environment. An abundance of innovative features ensure you’ll be able to pick up on on all the elements of the music you’re listening to. Augmented Xperience, for example, can help separate speech from other sounds, making it easier to hear lyrics within your favorite songs. Singers will love Own Voice Processing, which eliminates that typical tinny sound some hearing aids may have. PureSound™ technology also provides a rich and clear sound experience. Explore the world of hearing aid technology and never miss another beat.

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