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They don’t call it the great outdoors for nothing. From birds chirping to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, it’s time to take steps to treat your hearing loss and open your ears to all mother nature has to offer.
Get the full nature experience when wearing aids - listen to birds, rustling of leaves
Understanding your hearing health

You, your hearing loss, and the great outdoors

For those who love to be outside, every sound has a special meaning. Whether it’s the buzzing of cicadas on a summer evening or the wind whistling in your ears on an early morning hike, sounds bring us closer to nature. They can also help keep us safe, warning us when danger may be around the corner. Nature itself has even been shown to help reduce stress, depression and feelings of loneliness. If you’re living with hearing loss, you don’t want to miss out. Taking the first step to restoring your hearing means opening your world back up to all the benefits the outdoors have to offer. A great place to start your adventure? Try our free online hearing test.
Test and diagnosis

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Knowledge is power. An online hearing test is an easy way to get a general view of your hearing abilities. Test your hearing in both ears and get instant results.
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Tips to protect your hearing

Protecting your hearing while outdoors

  • Wear ear protection: Whether you’re hunting, on a boat or mowing the lawn, the outdoors can get noisy. Always bring ear plugs or earmuffs with you to block out the extra decibels.
  • Give your ears a break: If your outdoor activities involve constant noise, take some breaks to avoid long-term noise exposure. Sit back and enjoy the rustling leaves or chirping birds for a while.
  • Keep your ears dry: If you spend your time in the lake or the pool, dry both ears thoroughly to avoid swimmer’s ear. You can even get swimming ear plugs to block out the water.
  • Keep your hearing aids safe: If you already have hearing aids, ensure you have all supplies, such as a dryer and cleaning kit, to keep your hearing aids working well.
The benefits of better hearing

Enjoying nature with hearing aids

Improved social interaction, more self-confidence, desire to take part in outdoor activities—the benefits of wearing hearing aids are endless. That’s especially true if you love spending time in nature. When used properly, hearing aids can improve your outdoor experience and keep you safe. With durable hearing aids specifically made for active, outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll have all you need to take back the sounds of nature and start enjoying the great outdoors again.  Talk to a Hearing Care Professional to decide which hearing aids fit best with your active lifestyle.
Hiking in the mountains getting the full nature experience wearing hearing aids
Did you know?

People with hearing aids are more likely to engage in social activities, be more confident and enjoy overall better health.

Did you know?

There are hearing aids specifically made to enhance and support your active, outdoor lifestyle.

How hearing aids improve your outdoor experiences

How can hearing aids help you?

Today’s modern hearing aids are intelligent and have functionalities that recognize and adjust to your environment, wherever you may find yourself. If you’re on an exciting outdoor outdoor adventure, it’s essential to hear all the sounds around you—not only for a pleasant experience but also to keep yourself safe.

Motion sensors in hearing aids can detect and adjust to your movements, making it possible to hear from all directions, features that eliminate wind can be helpful for active, on-the-go nature lovers, and water resistant designs will hold up under the harshest of conditions.

Explore the world of hearing aid technology and get back to hearing nature the way nature intended it.

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