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BTE behind-the-ear hearing aid is sits behind your ear with rechargeable battery

When tradition meets innovation

The most popular design on the market, behind-the-ear hearing aids combine a powerful battery with all of the ground-breaking features you want for your hearing health.  We're happy to help you explore.
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The world's most common hearing aid style

Versatility at its very best

The behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is the most common design for a reason. It's versatility, power and flexibility is unbeatable. With an open-fit design that doesn't block the ear canal, you get the functionality of a powerful hearing aid, with a smaller, more discreet design.

BTE in action

With behind-the-ear hearing aids, most or all elements are centered in a case behind the ear. An earpiece is then placed in the ear, connected to the case with a tube or thin wire. Traditional BTE designs collect the sound and deliver it to a speaker behind the ear. This sound is then transferred to the ear canal through a tube. Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) designs place the speaker directly in the ear canal.

Pros and Cons

The versatility of the behind-the-ear hearing aid makes it suitable for any degree of hearing loss. Since they house most components, such as the microphones, amplifier, processor and speaker, in a larger case behind the ear, they have the ability to pack a great deal of power in a small design. Their larger size means the battery life is also much longer than smaller, less noticeable designs, and are super easy to remove and maintain. Another bonus: They come in plenty of design variations and colors.

Of course, the larger design can also have a few downsides. Since they sit outside of the ear, they are prone to picking up more background noise than smaller, in-ear designs. They are also much more visible than other hearing aids on the market. Although, there are plenty of BTE hearing aids with sleek, discreet designs.

Why say yes to BTE

There's a reason the BTE is the most popular on the market. Its design is powerful, has a lasting battery, comes in plenty of colors and designs, and with open-fit and receiver-in-the-ear options, it can deliver a high-quality, natural sound. Bluetooth capabilities and connectability also make life with hearing aids much more flexible and manageable, and tinnitus relief programs help reduce the symptoms and noticeability of tinnitus. Stream sound directly to your device and use remote features to take control of your hearing health. Finally, rechargeable batteries mean you never have to worry about running out of juice at inconvenient times.
The different levels of hearing loss

Hearing loss levels

Just like every ear shape and form is different, so too is an individual's degree of hearing loss. The larger, more robust features of the behind-the-ear hearing aid means it is suitable for anyone, from those with mild to severe and profound hearing loss.
Levels of hearing loss
Hearing aid fitting and adjustment

Adjusting to your BTE hearing aid

With behind-the-ear hearing aids, you can opt for custom-fit earpieces or instant fit. Either way, with the proper fitting, you can enjoy a comfortable hearing experience with BTE devices. With that said, any new device will take a bit of time to get used to.

Hearing aids work best when fitted and adjusted properly. Book an appointment to make sure your hearing aids fit right.
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BTE vs other designs

They don't say "never change a running system" for no reason. With a more traditional, larger design, behind-the-ear hearing aids deliver a powerful sound experience for any degree of hearing loss. Smaller designs, such as completely-in-the-canal or in-the-canal hearing aids, are more discreet and less noticeable, but lack the power of the larger BTE devices.
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Signia Styletto AX hearing aids

Goodbye old-fashioned, hello sophisticated style

Combining award-winning style with the traditional benefits of the BTE design, Signia's Styletto hearing aids are here to create the ultimate sound experience.
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Widex Moment™ hearing aids

Sound like no other

With Widex's PureSound™, you can look forward to a pure, natural sound combined with a timeless design. There's no moment like the present to take back your hearing health.
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