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Stay connected to the world

Smartphones, TVs, tablets—we live in a smart world. So, why shouldn't your hearing aid be? It's time to get connected. We are happy to show you how.
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Get your mobile phone conversations directly through your bluetooth hearing aids
Bluetooth hearing aids

Flexible, future-proof hearing

Pick up any modern device and it likely uses Bluetooth technology. Allowing two devices to "talk" through short-range, wireless communication, Bluetooth has revolutionized how we interact with our environment. With integrated Bluetooth technology, your hearing aid can pair with your phone, TV or other audio devices, keeping you connected with friends, family and the world around you.
Benefits of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids

Bluetooth benefits

Integrated Bluetooth features mean convenience, flexibility and a hearing experience that's tailor-made to your needs and lifestyle. Depending on the device you choose, Bluetooth hearing aids can help you enjoy a number of powerful benefits, including:
  • Streamed phone calls and music
  • Binaural sound experienc
  • Personalized, remote control use
  • Health and fitness tracking
  • Stable, high-quality sound
  • Language translation
  • Reduced background noise
Signia hearing aids

Seamless streaming with Signia

A high-tech experience for any environment—Be Brilliant™ with Signia hearing aids. With a wide range of options, you'll find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.
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Widex hearing aids

Sound like no other

With Widex hearing aids, it's all about you. Benefit from connective Bluetooth technology while still getting a hearing aid tailor-made to your style and needs.
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Rexton hearing aids

Rely on Rexton

With MotionCore technology and Bluetooth capabilities, you can trust your Rexton in any situation. Take control yourself or let the hearing aid do the work for you.
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Bluetooth hearing aids: FAQ

Are there in-ear hearing aids with bluetooth?

Bluetooth connectivity is possible in a variety of hearing aids styles, including in-the-ear hearing aids.

Can I connect my hearing aids to my phone with Bluetooth?

Yes. Hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities allow you to pair your mobile device with your hearing aids, letting you directly stream the sound from your phone into your ear.

What hearing aids have Bluetooth?

There are a wide range of hearing aid brands and styles with bluetooth capabilities, including but not limited to Signia, Widex and Rexton hearing aids.

Are there rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids?

Yes, the majority of hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities utilize rechargeable batteries. Since a powerful battery is required for features such as Bluetooth, the introduction of rechargeable batteries opened the hearing aids up to a whole new world of adaptability and capability.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids worth it?

If a personalized, convenient experience is what you're looking for, Bluetooth hearing aids are worth investing in. Not only can they help deliver clear sound in a variety of environments, streaming and remote control capabilities give you control over your hearing experience.

How much are Bluetooth hearing aids?

The cost of Bluetooth hearing aids can vary depending on the brand, style and features included. On average, they can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,500.

What is the advantage of Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids come with a wide variety of benefits. The ability to connect to other Bluetooth devices means you can enjoy better quality sound, stream music and other audio directly to your hearing aids, and control your hearing aid settings remotely.

How does Bluetooth work with hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids use an electronic signal, or bluetooth technology, to connect your hearing aids with other bluetooth-compatible devices. When connected, the device is able to send sounds directly to your hearing aids using a wireless signal.

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