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Hearing the whole picture

Goodbye, one-sided world. With CROS hearing aids, you can experience all the sounds around you, not just those from your "good side." Learn how this hearing aid technology can help bring balance back to your hearing health.
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Widex Cros hearing aids will help you hear from both ears if you are deaf or has severe hearing loss on one ear

CROS hearing aids: double-sided sound

Living with unilateral (one-sided) hearing loss or single-sided deafness (SSD) can be frustrating. Whether you're constantly asking others to speak into your "good ear" or struggling to differentiate sounds in a crowded environment, one-sided hearing means missing out on things that matter. Enter: CROS hearing aids. 

Short for contralateral routing of signals, CROS hearing aids capture and transmit the sound from your "bad" ear and reroute it to the other side. This allows you to hear all the sounds around you, regardless of which direction they're coming from. If you also have hearing impairment in your other ear, a bilateral solution can be found in BiCROS hearing aids.

How do CROS work?

When sound travels to an ear that's not working properly, it's like heading down a dead end street. There's nowhere for the sound to be properly processed. It's also not possible for the sound to bend around your head to get to the other one. This is referred to as the head shadow effect. So, if these two options are off the table, what's the solution? With CROS hearing aids, a microphone and a transmitter in your non-hearing ear work together to capture sound and wirelessly transmit it to the hearing aid in your hearing ear. That means you're hearing sounds all around you, not just from one particular side.
Widex cros hearing aids will help you if you are deaf or partly deaf on one ear
Widex Cros and Bicros solution for deafness or partly deafness on one ear

Are CROS for me?

There are two scenarios for which CROS hearing aids are suitable. If you have severe to profound hearing loss in one ear and the other functions well, you're a great candidate. BiCROS are also a great option if you have significant hearing loss in one ear and mild to moderate hearing loss in the other. Your hearing care professional can help you determine which option is suitable for you.

What are the benefits?

From social aspects to safety concerns, there are plenty of advantages to hearing the sounds around you. CROS benefits include:
  • Increased awareness of your surroundings
  • better communication
  • No need to turn your head to hear
  • Reduced social isolation due to hearing issues

Are there downsides?

While the benefits of hearing sounds from all directions most certainly add value to your life and improve your safety, there can be downsides to the use of contralateral routing of signals. These include:
  • A sound overload due to "double hearing" in one ear
  • Trouble identifying sound location (known as localization)
  • Time needed to get used to this "new" kind of hearing

CROS Hearing Aids: FAQ

What does CROS mean in hearing aids?

CROS stands for contralateral routing of signals and allows for the transmission of sound from the non-hearing ear to the hearing ear.

How do CROS hearing aids work?

With CROS hearing aids, a microphone and a transmitter in your non-hearing ear work together to capture sound and wirelessly transmit it to the hearing aid in your hearing ear.

Are CROS hearing aids effective?

CROS hearing aids are highly effective if you have significant hearing loss or deafness in one ear. Through a transmitter and microphone, your CROS hearing aids are able to transmit sound to your hearing ear, allowing you to process and recognize sounds regardless of their origin. This means you no longer have to worry about where the sound is coming from or missing out on a sound that originates on your non-hearing side.

How much do CROS hearing aids cost?

The cost of CROS hearing aids can vary depending on the brand and model of the hearing aids. On average, CROS hearing aids cost between $900 to $3,000.

What is the difference between CROS and BiCROS hearing aids?

The difference between CROS and BiCROS depends on the degree of hearing loss. For CROS, the hearing aid on your non-hearing side contains a transmitter and microphone, but no speaker. It transmits the sound to your hearing ear and is amplified with a speaker. BiCROS, or bilateral microphones with contralateral routing of signals, means the receiving ear hearing aid is also programmed to address the hearing loss in that ear. 

What brands make CROS hearing aids?

You can find CROS hearing aids from brands such as Widex and Signia.

What are the pros and cons of CROS hearing aids?

The pros of CROS hearing aids include the ability to hear sounds from any direction without having to turn your head, increased safety and awareness of your surroundings, clearer communication and improved social interactions. Cons of CROS include an overload of sound in one ear and difficulty with localization and identifying the location of a sound.

Are CROS hearing aids rechargeable?

Yes, there are rechargeable options for CROS hearing aids.
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