What is mixed hearing loss?

If you have been diagnosed with "mixed hearing loss" you have been given the combo-platter, meaning that both your inner- and outer-ear have been affected.

Causes of mixed hearing loss are varied

It could be that your eardrum is no longer on duty – it has stopped vibrating. It could be that the tiny bones in your middle ear stopped doing their dance. It also could be because of damage to the hair cells in your inner ear caused by the noise of your blender on overdrive (if you are an obsessive 8-hours-a-day smoothie maker or Youtube star), or the fact that you blow-out hair all day long. None of the above might explain it: you might even blame your parents for inherited disorders, or just the facts of life – age.
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How do I recognize mixed hearing loss?

Do words sound fuzzy around the edges? Have you noticed that your dinner date is making no sense at all? Maybe you have been in an accident and exposed to a sudden loud boom? You might be undergoing therapy for cancer or have overdosed on a painkilling medication. You might just have a blockage due to excessive wax or an ear infection. All of the above can lead to mixed hearing loss, which is a combination of both "conductive" and "sensorineural" hearing loss. Try our free online hearing test in less than 5 minutes to find out more.
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There is hope

Treatment of mixed hearing loss

With the extreme advances in technology today, treatment is just around the corner. You might not need hearing aids at all as hearing loss can often be reversed. Make the first step to getting your hearing back. Have your ears checked by a doctor or a Hearing Care Professional—and do this annually. Your ears are just as important, if not more important than your eyes (and certainly more important that your teeth). Hearing loss is not an inevitability—and as Helen Keller once said, "Hearing is the soul of knowledge...". Feel free to get started by booking an appointment.
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Mixed hearing loss: FAQ

Is mixed hearing loss permanent?

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Do hearing aids help with mixed hearing loss?

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