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If you’re living with hearing loss, any kind of travel can be challenging at times.  

Find out how you can get a better understanding of your hearing health when travelling, get tips on smooth and safe travelling, find out how you can protect your hearing, or how to get the most out of your travelling experience. Take our online hearing test to check your hearing.

Travelling by train with a hearing loss you miss out on important information
Understanding your hearing health

Traveling with hearing loss

Whether traveling by car, bus or plane, there’s always the chance of something unexpected just  around the corner. If you’re traveling with hearing loss, chances are even higher. From missed gate changes and trouble communicating to feeling unsafe in a fast-paced, unfamiliar environment, planning ahead is essential for carefree adventures. The good news is, there are plenty of steps you can take to prepare and make traveling with hearing loss smooth sailing. If you believe your hearing abilities may be standing between you and your destination, a hearing test is also a great place to start your journey.
Test and diagnosis

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Tips for smooth and safe travel

Carefree travel with hearing loss

  • Keep a pen and notepad with you: This can be useful for writing down important information, such as the address of your hotel or flight itinerary.
  • Advocate for yourself: Let your flight attendant and other travel employees know you have a hearing loss. They can help keep you updated on changes and essential information.
  • Use technology: Set up travel alerts on on your phone, request assistive listening devices and use your hearing aids throughout your travels.
  • Pack smart: Pack all essential items, such as hearing aid supplies, communication tools and medical supplies, in your carry on in case your bag goes missing.
Protect your hearing when flying

Protecting your ears when traveling by plane

Air travel can most certainly put a strain on your ears. Added pressure and loud cabin noise can make hearing more difficulty, especially if you already have some level of hearing loss. To help make traveling more comfortable and to avoid causing further damage to your ears, use ear plugs or noise-canceling headphones during your flight. It can also be helpful to sit closer to the front of the plane where it can be quieter. If you experience popping in your ears, chewing gum, yawning and swallowing can all help to relieve pressure.
Did you know?

When going through security or on a plane, you can keep your hearing aids on at all times.

Did you know?

People treating hearing loss with hearing aids are said to have more confidence and better communication skills.

Traveling with hearing aids

Getting the most out of your traveling experience

Wearing your hearing aids while traveling is the best way to ensure a smooth, successful journey. Make sure to pack additional batteries and bring all of your hearing aid accessories, such as charging stations, extra tubing and, if you’ll be in a humid environment, a dryer. Wear your hearing aids at all times, even through security and on the plane, to get the most out of your experience.
How hearing aids improve your travel experience

How can hearing aids help you?

Today’s modern hearing aids are intelligent and have functionalities that recognize and adjust to any environment, no matter where your adventures may take you. Whether on a flight, in a bus or cruising down the open road, hearing aids ensure a safe, comfortable and rewarding experience. Motion sensors, for example, detect and adjust to your movement, making it easier to hear sounds from all directions and avoid dangerous situation in unfamiliar surroundings. If you struggle with tinnitus, hearing aids can also be beneficial when flying. They can reduce your awareness of tinnitus symptoms and some even come with tinntius relief programs. Explore the world of hearing aid technology, and say goodbye to missed announcements and hello to new adventures.

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