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Throughout our daily lives, our families are there to experience the highs and lows with us. Our hearing health is no exception. Learn how untreated hearing loss affect your family, tips on improving communicating with hearing loss, how you can improve your relationships with your loved ones by getting hearing aids and find out how you can protect your hearing.
Socialising with family can be hard is you have a hearing loss
Understanding your hearing health

The effects of hearing loss on family life

Social isolation, strained relationships and general frustration—when it comes to untreated hearing loss, the entire family plays a part in your story. Since hearing loss presents itself in various ways and often comes on gradually, it can be difficult to understand the serious effects it has on the family dynamic. Your partner or loved ones may feel like you’re simply ignoring them at times. Your grandkids might avoid conversations with you because they “know you won’t understand them anyways.” You might even start to slowly withdraw from social family gatherings and become extra irritable.

Other factors that affect you in the long run

In addition to the strain hearing loss can put on relationships, it’s important to remember that untreated hearing loss can lead to the development of other risk factors, such as dementia, depression and loneliness. It can also affect your personal safety and make it harder to learn new tasks. Did you know using hearing aids can slow down the deterioration of your hearing? If hearing loss is impacting you and your family life, it’s time to start your journey to better hearing.
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Test and diagnosis

Act now and screen your hearing 

Knowledge is power. A complimentary online hearing screening is an easy way to get a general view of your hearing abilities. Screen your hearing in both ears and get instant results.
Online hearing screening
Communicating with people with hearing loss

Tips for improving family communication

  • Always face the person you’re talking to and avoid talking from another room.
  • Be patient and understanding when your loved one didn’t hear you well and avoid raising your voice.
  • Say your loved one’s name or gently touch their shoulder to get their attention before talking to them.
  • Talk openly and honestly about the advantages of visiting a Hearing Care Professional and getting hearing aids.
Help a loved one
Staying close with your dad when he get a hearing aid
Did you know?

60% of families said their relationship with family members improved when their partner or parent got hearing aids.

Did you know?

Once fitted with hearing aids, people say they are once again able to join in on conversations with their family and friends.

The benefits of hearing better

You can improve your relationships

Your relationship with your partner or other family members will most certainly benefit when you take action against your hearing loss. Did you know that 60% of families said their relationship with family members improved when their partner or parent got hearing aids? Hearing better can improve communication, make you feel more confident and help you be more independent. Maybe you’ll even get less complaints about needing to turn down the TV volume, too.
How hearing aids improve your family life

How can hearing aids help you?

Today’s modern hearing aids are intelligent and have functionalities that fit perfectly to your needs. If your family or friends are trying to talk to you, Augmented Xperience, for example, will help separate speech from other sounds, making it easier to carry on a conversation. Own Voice Processing can also help to make your own speech sound more natural and conversing with others more enjoyable. Not only can innovative features help improve your communication, but better hearing overall can also have a positive effect on mental health. You’ll be more inclined to participate in family events and less likely to withdraw and isolate yourself. Explore the world of hearing aid technology and stop missing out on the moments that truly matter.

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Multi generation family enjoying meal in garden together using hearing aids

Be on the lookout: Signs of hearing loss

Supporting your hearing health shouldn't be a mystery. It's time to skip the guessing game and get some answers. Once you know what to look for, you'll be even more empowered to find the solution that's best for you. Make sure not to miss out on family fun time any more.
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Getting help for your hearing loss

Hearing loss not only affects how you hear, but how well your brain is able to function. From protecting your physical and mental well-being to improving your career outlooks, your hearing plays an essential role in it all. With HearUSA by your side, you’ll have all the tools you need to stop the effects of hearing loss and start hearing better today.

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