Everyday life with fit hearing

Living with hearing loss is a lot like being on the team called Bad News Bears. According to recent studies, there's a bunch of us out there who were once the life of the party- and now, even at the party, we may be hearing it as if stuck inside a bottle. Reconnecting to the world is more than possible. More than 80% of people living with hearing loss don't need to be. Don't miss out on the important moments in life .......
Modern hearing aids during your wedding day can help you hearing better
Understanding your hearing health

The social effects of hearing loss

Whether it's at a rowdy cocktail party or an intimate dinner gathering, one of the biggest challenges of living with hearing loss is coping with what has become a sea of garble. Trying to hear clearly is tough stuff. Background noise should be just that - emphasis on the background. You want to hear what your flirt saying


And if you're home on the couch, you're missing out on a lot of (ok, maybe harmless) flirtation. Social isolation is common among people with hearing loss. going out doesn't need to be a mental roadblock.


Ways to hear better in social settings

Do you feel like anything beyond a tete-a-tete causes you social anxiety? If you are dealing with hearing loss, you need not miss out on the group hug. Conversations at a big party can make it difficult to hear clearly, even when talking to someone right in front of you. 

Give your ears their best shot at hearing in public:
  • When you are at a club or crowded bar, sit with your back to the wall.
  • At restaurants, call ahead and request a quiet seat in a corner nook.
  • Don't hesitate to ask if the background music volume can be lowered.
  • Wear both of your hearing aids. They're a happy couple.

The best hearing aids for social butterflies

Choosing the right hearing device is an important step to hearing better (and hearing more) in public spaces. Modern, digital hearing aids are extraordinary creatures. They come with a variety of smart features, including:

  • Speech enhancement technology
  • Background noise cancellation
  • Directional microphones
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