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Hearing loss and your social life

We often take the advantages of healthy hearing for granted, but the consequences of hearing loss are anything but subtle. Find out the impact hearing loss can have on your social life, the benefits of hearing better, and simple tricks to help improve your hearing in any social setting. You can also take our online hearing screening to better understand your current hearing abilities.
Modern hearing aids during your wedding day can help you hearing better
Understanding your hearing health

The social effects of hearing loss

Whether at a rowdy cocktail party or an intimate dinner gathering, living with hearing loss can mean coping with what has become a sea of garble. Trying to hear clearly is tough stuff and, when background noise isn’t living up to its name, it can be frustrating. Not only does hearing loss make it harder to converse with those around you, it can also have a big impact on your social life overall. Opting out of plans with friends, withdrawing from typical social engagements, and dealing with feelings of isolation and depression are all too common for those living with hearing loss.  If you believe your hearing is having an effect on your social life, it’s time to take action. A hearing screening is a great place to start.

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Hidden risks of hearing loss

The longer you wait the worse it gets - your brain unlearns how to process sounds.

There is a risk of depression and isolation. Studies show that mild hearing loss doubles the risk of dementia.

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Benefits of hearing better

No more missing out

While hearing loss can most certainly throw curve balls your way, treating your hearing loss will throw you a life line instead. Better hearing has an enormous impact on your health, both mentally and physically. Not only can it make your surroundings safer, it can also reduce anxiety and depression. Less time spent focusing on tuning out background noise and reading other cues also means an increase in your energy levels. With more energy and confidence in social situations, your relationships are bound to benefit, too.
Tips to improve your social life

Hearing better in social settings

Feel like anything beyond a one-on-one conversation causes you social anxiety? If you’re living with hearing loss, there are steps you can take to stay part of the conversation. Try implementing the following tips on your next outing and give your ears their best shot at hearing in public.
  • At restaurants, call ahead and request a quiet seat in a corner nook.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask if the volume of the background music can be turned down.
  • Sit with your back to the wall when you’re in a crowded place, such as a bar or noisy restaurant.
Preventing hearing loss

Protect your hearing from everyday noise

Busy with the fast-paced world around us, it can be really easy to overlook the noises we’re exposing our ears to on a daily basis. Whether your mowing the lawn, listening to a morning podcast or meeting up with a friend at the bar, it’s common to underestimate the decibel levels of the sounds around you. To best protect your hearing health, make sure you wear ear plugs or protective earmuffs when in a noisy environment or working with loud household appliances. If you often find yourself with headphones in, make sure the volume is at a safe level and take a break from time to time.
Did you know?

While living with hearing loss may feel lonely, you’re anything but alone. An estimated 50 million Americans report experiencing hearing loss on some level.

Did you know?

Our brains can unlearn to process sounds. A lack of sound input can lead to cognitive decline and even dementia. Hearing aids can help combat this risk.

How can hearing aids help you?

Choosing the right hearing device is an important step to hearing better (and more) in public spaces. Modern, digital hearing aids are extraordinary devices and come with a variety of smart features, including:
  • Speech enhancement technology, which improves speech clarity and makes it easier to hear and understand.
  • Background noise cancellation, which suppresses background noise and makes it easier to hear in noisy environments.
  • Directional microphones, which enhance sound from a specific direction and make it easier to hear the sounds that really matter.

Improving hearing health together

Your hearing loss not only affects you but also your family - get hearing aids to get back your hearing

Hearing loss at home

You should find comfort behind your own four walls, not frustration. When your hearing loss starts impacting your daily life, it’s time to rethink things. Learn how addressing your hearing loss and making small changes around the house can make a world of difference.
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Getting help for your hearing loss

Hearing loss not only affects how you hear, but how well your brain is able to function. From protecting your physical and mental well-being to improving your career outlooks, your hearing plays an essential role in it all. With HearUSA by your side, you’ll have all the tools you need to stop the effects of hearing loss and start hearing better today.
You will miss out on important topics at work if you ignore a hearing loss

Hearing loss and work

With the right tools, hearing loss at work doesn’t have to hold you back. Find out more about the challenges of workplace hearing loss, the benefits of hearing better, and tips that can help you improve communication with colleagues and thrive at work again. You can also take an online hearing screening to better understand your current hearing abilities.

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