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You should find comfort behind your own four walls, not frustration. When your hearing loss starts impacting your daily life, it’s time to rethink things. Learn how addressing your hearing loss and making small changes around the house can make a world of difference.
Your hearing loss not only affects you but also your family - get hearing aids to get back your hearing
Understanding your hearing health

How hearing loss affects your daily life

You’d be surprised at just how essential our ability to hear is to our everyday routines. The doorbell or phone ringing, your spouse calling from across the room, the oven timer going off—our lives are full of indicators and warnings that keep home life running smoothly. Take away these sounds and things can get complicated and frustrating. If you find the chores of daily life getting difficult or feel your relationships at home may be taking a hit, it’s time to take the first step to better hearing. An online hearing test can be a great place to start.
Test and diagnosis

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Knowledge is power. An online hearing test is an easy way to get a general view of your hearing abilities. Test your hearing in both ears and get instant results.
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Tips for living with hearing loss

Hearing better at home

  • Turn off other noises: Communicating with others can be difficult with music or television playing in the background.
  • Ensure proper lighting: Good lighting not only improves your safety, it also makes communicating with others at home easier.
  • Use subtitles: If you find yourself reaching for the remote volume, closed captioning can help improve your watching experience.
  • Get hearing aids: With hearing aids, you’ll hear all the essential sounds around the house, making life safer, more convenient and less frustrating.
Protect your hearing at home

Avoiding loud noises around the house

When we think of protecting our hearing, we often think outside of the home. Loud concerts, construction zones, the siren on an ambulance driving by—these are all sounds we should protect our ears from. But dangerous sounds can be found at home, too. Beware of loud noises you may expose your ears to everyday. Opting for a vibrating alarm clock instead of a loud, high-pitched alarm, wearing ear protection when making your daily blended smoothie, reducing the amount of time you’re holding a loud hair dryer just inches from your ear—small steps can make a big difference.
Protect your ears from loud noises to avoid hearing loss
Did you know?

Hearing aids can improve your mental health, mood, and improve social interactions with family and friends.

Did you know?

Those using hearing aids are reported to be more outgoing and have better communication skills by family members.

How hearing aids improve your quality of life

How can hearing aids help you?

Today’s modern hearing aids are intelligent and have functionalities that recognize and adjust to your daily life. You may slip off your shoes with you step in the door, but keeping your hearing aids on can make life around the house much more convenient and comfortable.

Motion sensors can help detect and adjust to movements and ensure that you’re hearing sounds from all directions.

Augmented Xperience also separates speech from other sounds, making it easier to talk to loved ones. Some modern hearing aids even include sound relax programs and tinnitus relief to help you destress and unwind.

Explore the world of hearing aids and start hearing better at home today.

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