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Hearing at work : All the things you won't want to miss

Did she say coffee machine or copy machine? It’s a common conundrum! Healthy hearing in the workplace means you won’t have to strain your brain to hear everything twice. Communication is essential. It’s also a lot easier with the help of a hearing device. Find ways to alleviate the oh-too-common stress at work by improving your hearing.
Hearing loss can make you lonely and isolated even when with friends - book with your hearing care specialist
Hearing health at work

The progressive challenges of the workplace

Welcome to club earbud. The club where we hear everything the first time around. No more brain drain. We save time, we go home earlier. Does the conference room sound like a construction site gone gaga? We make hearing, even in complicated situations, a breeze. Who’s the one asking those rapid-fire questions and getting answers fast (so that you can get home on time for tacos and season 3?) Hearing devices are your little helpers in GSD (Getting Stuff Done).

Hearing health and work performance

It creeps up on you, like someone has been covertly stuffing cotton balls down your ears: suddenly, everyone at the conference room is speaking in tongues. What alien kidnapped my co-workers? They are here but I cannot hear them. It takes place slowly and it’s hard to recognize at first, but you want to nip that problem in the bud. Work performance—and even your income— are directly related to healthy hearing. Results from a Better Hearing Institute study show that employees working with a hard-of-hearing situation make roughly 25% less income on average.
Hearing loss can make you miss important info at work

Hard of hearing at work

More than ever before, statistics show that even younger generations are being confronted with a kind of veteran rockstar situation. But hard-of-hearing situations can easily be prevented by being armed with the facts.

You are not the only one

  • 1 in 3 people over 65 are living with hearing loss.
  • Around 20% of people are living with hearing loss.

  • Hearing loss is a very common condition. In fact, it’s number 3 in the pecking order of general complaints.

Modern hearing devices at work

They're tiny and they feed you with secret intel. Hearing devices are smart, the normcore of stealth hearing. They are your unpaid assistants in getting things done.
  • Experience the group
    If everyone in the room is keenly listening to what is being said, it’s a win-win situation. Problem solving is a whole lot easier when the group-think takes place with the help of hearing devices.
  • Hearing devices are the new norm
     Modern, digital hearing aids are designed for modern-day work needs. With helpful features and filters to choose from, your hearing aids are in sync with you.
  • Hearing devices are your office updates
    They make you excel (in the old-fashioned sense of the word). They ensure easy-listening beyond the elevator, never missing a line, never missing a call, and honing in on the nitty-gritty of what’s being said, even at a whisper or down the hall. You’ll never be in the dark again or feel like your hearing is trapped behind the supply closet door.
  • The home office situ
    Even on Zoom, you’ll be in the know. Hearing devices are fine-tuned to any situation and can improve any type of communication, even if it’s remote.

Hear better, work better

If you feel like a misunderstood rockstar at the workplace, it’s time for a check-up. Our Hearing Care Professionals are here to help. Hearing devices are the new bespoke gadgets enhancing work performance more than ever. Financing options are available and insurance will often have you covered.

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